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Qigong for Empaths: How to Keep Your Light Bright! New Class!

    Are you someone that has a keen ability to sense and feel another person’s feelings? It’s a trait that we all have to varying degrees, and often it comes with having a huge heart. If you're highly sensitive, it's very easy to pick up on whatever someone is feeling or even thinking, to the point where you can even feel it inside your body. And it's not just people. You can often sense and feel the emotional energy of animals, trees, and even Earth.


    As an empath, it's not surprising that you're often in the healing arts as an energy healer, teacher, therapist, nurse, doctor, massage therapist or life coach. You're here to help! And in may be right in your community with your neighbor or family member who's currently struggling during these epic times.


    Did you know that empaths are often visionaries and deeply understand that what we do to the Earth we do to ourselves? We know there's a better way and will often ask  “How can I contribute to a more harmonious and unified world?”


Hopefully this giving nature of yours

if really filling you up! Because, as they say,

you can't pour from an empty tea cup. 


    So how do us empaths make sure we are keeping our cups full so whenever we need a sip of nourishment it's there for us? Especially now during these incredibly transformative times when our visionary light is really needed?


It's essential for us to take time

to clear and restore our own energy

so we’re not running on an empty tank.


    In my new live online class called Qigong for Empaths, I share a joyful and easy way to let go of other peoples' energy so your own light can shine bright and clear! You’ll learn ways to release energy that isn't yours. You'll feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and recharged. Plus Qigong for Empaths is so easy to do. In fact, there's no wrong way to do it!


    Qigong for Empaths is for you if:

  • You’re someone who was born highly sensitive and have a great big heart; 

  • You easily pick up on what other people are feeling . . . and then absorb energy that isn't yours to the point where it feels draining;

  • You’re looking for a way to cleanse and clear other people's energy so your own beautiful light shines bright.

    As an empathic visionary, you were born for these times. Your bright sensitive nature is just what's needed to help guide us back into the light. Qigong for Empaths will help you strengthen and expand your internal light, by far the most powerful tool you have to prevent other peoples’ energy from overwhelming you.


    I’m so looking forward to sharing this class with you! As a highly empathic person, I needed to find a way to keep my energy running high. I now no longer experience the burnout I did in the past and my intuition has skyrocketed. Qigong for Empaths made a huge difference in my life. It can make a huge difference in yours too! For all of the details click here.

Qigong for Empaths, a live online class, starts Wednesday, Feb. 24. The class is yours to keep! I hope to see you there!

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