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Your Radiant Second Spring

One-of-a-kind private mentoring to help usher in your Golden Era in the juiciest and most soul-satisfying way.

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Contrary to societal conditioning, women in menopause and beyond are said to be entering their Second Spring, a time of new beginnings. The life force energy that previously flowed down into our uterus is now redirected upwards into our hearts.


With that comes an unprecedented heart expansion, inviting you to show up for yourself in a way like you never have before. This is a time for unbridled creativity, unleashing your passions, and truly living your heart’s desires!

During this phase, though, we often wonder: What direction should I go in? How do I decide what to do? How do I even do it? The good news is you already have within the wisest and most loving guide, ready to steer you during this incredibly potent time of your life. She is your Wise Woman Within, and if there was ever a time to let her take the lead, it’s now. She knows who you are, why you’re here, and what will bring you the greatest joy.


I guide you to meet, merge, and channel your

Wise Woman Within so this phase of your life unfolds in a way that lights you up and sets your Soul on fire like never before.

When you let your Wise Woman Within take the lead, you:

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  • Discover what She has in store for you and how to live life fully on your terms

  • Welcome this phase of your life as a Golden Era, a time of soul-satisfying peace, creativity, vibrancy, and courage

  • Understand the value of putting yourself first while letting go of any guilt you may feel about prioritizing yourself.

  • Your dreams and desires, especially the ones you had to put on the back burner when you were taking care of everyone else, are asking: If not now, when? 


  • Joyfully living your heartfelt desires whether discovering your soul purpose, meeting your ideal life partner, experiencing soul-satisfying peace within, or starting a new business.

  • Your nervous system breathing a sigh of relief because you’ve released years of accumulated stress.​

  • Your Spirit soaring because you’ve now chosen ease and flow as your way of life instead of worry and tension. 

  • Your day unfolding exactly as you desire because you’re putting yourself first, honoring your unique rhythm.

  • ​Feeling peaceful, content, and inspired because your life now brings you so much joy.

  • Your creative energy easily channeled into whatever brings you the most joy: painting, traveling, your soul-aligned business, whatever it is.

  • Having more than enough energy to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it.



is the divine feminine embodiment of your Soul.
SHE IS YOU, vibrating at a higher frequency.

There is no one, not any spiritual teacher, healer, or ascended master who knows you better than She does. She wants to merge with you. When you create a sacred relationship with your Wise Woman Within, it’s easy to honor your own rhythms, channel your creative energy, and fully live the life you’ve always wanted. With Her as your guide, this next phase of your life can be the best one yet.

How do you know
Your Radiant Second Spring is for you?

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  • You’re ready for a profound, life-changing transformation that will result in the fullest expression of true authentic you. 

  • You’re a lifelong care-giver and have always put others first whether managing and mentoring employees and clients or family and friends.

  • You know there’s a deep well of wisdom within you, but you’ve been ignoring it because you’ve been pulled in so many directions.

  • You feel a calling to turn your caring inward and discover who you really are without others pulling on your energy.

  • Your spiritual awareness is expanding and you’d love to have a guide to help you dive more deeply.

  • You know you have creative energy, but because you’ve put it on hold for so many years, you’re not sure what your passions and dreams are now.

  • Even though you may be exhausted from carrying layers of physical and emotional stress you know there is still a spark within you waiting to be ignited.

  • You feel like something is missing in your life, a key piece of who you are, and you’re ready to discover what that is.

  • There’s been a lot of chaos in your life, and you crave peace and calm.


I know you’re not done yet.
There is more inside you that craves expression.
Let that blossom into the fullest expression of who you are!



In these tailor-made soul coaching sessions, you learn how to meet, merge, and confidently channel your Wise Woman Within. You receive:

Monthly 60-minute Personalized Activation Sessions that include:

  • Clarity on what your Soul desires most during this incredibly potent time of your life and how to co-create it

  • Expert coaching and guidance to dissolve any blocks that may be preventing you from fully stepping into your new identity

  • Mastering your ability to courageously and confidently move forward on the guidance your Wise Woman Within shares with you

  • The release of whatever is holding you back from living the life of your dreams

  • Establishing clear boundaries and unconditionally loving yourself

  • Energy attunements to calm your nervous system and clear any self-doubt so your spirit can soar

  • Guided meditations tailored to you and your unique needs recorded for your use at any time.

  • “Homework” to help you release patterns that no longer serve

Monthly 30-minute Integration Sessions:

Designed to help you integrate, embody, and maintain momentum in between your hour-long Activation Sessions.​

Access to me via Telegram 4 days per week:

for support and guidance in between sessions, as well as email support if you desire.

Bonus #1:

Receive personalized guidance on the Way of the Wise Woman Qigong Flow to help embody and expand your ability to trust in your Wise Woman’s guidance.

Bonus #2:

A 30-minute video that guides you through a short daily ritual to help keep your frequency high and to connect more deeply with your Wise Woman.

Bonus #3:

A personalized spiritual toolbox to help ground and support your expanding connection to a higher level of consciousness.

Your Second Spring is a time of new beginnings.

What do you want to plant in your personal garden and see bloom?

Your Wise Woman Within already knows what will bring you the most joy . . . 

And she knows how to make it happen!​

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Are you feeling that full body yes?

Then, I warmly welcome you into

Your Radiant Second Spring

And am honored to be your spiritual guide!


3, 6, or 12 month container

Plant Your Seeds



(Your Radiant Second Spring - 3 Month Container)

Nurture Your Dreams and Desires



(Your Radiant Second Spring - 6 Month Container)

Reap Your Golden Harvest



(Your Radiant Second Spring - 12 Months Container)

Easy monthly payment plans are available.
Please let me know if you’d like one, my team is happy to set one up for you.

Pay in full bonus: Akashic Record Soul Consultation Value $333

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Ultimately, Your Radiant Second Spring shows you how to embody your majesty. If you have not yet donned your crown, now is your time. It would be my honor to guide you.



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