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Confession of a Light Warrior - My Personal Story

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

I am a Light Warrior. Even though I was probably born with the LW gene, I wasn’t always ready to activate it. In my twenties I flip-flopped around from job to job, never understanding my true purpose, quickly becoming bored at every job. At the age of twenty-nine, my dream of helping to heal the Earth came true when Greenpeace hired me as an international organizer. As my new job unfolded, I began to get a glimmer of my purpose and for the next ten years I worked my ass off! I was on a mission!

But throughout this time I doubted my ability and my light, gave way too much to my job, and never took time to restore my own energy. Consequently I burned out and quit. Because my entire world revolved around the mantra of “work, work, work” and the mission to “give, give, give” when I quit, the inevitable personal identity crisis ensued, and I was left asking: “Who am I?” I couldn’t sustain my own energy much less believe that Heaven on Earth was possible!

In order to restore this core belief of mine, there needed to be some personal healing. Thus began my adventure into the healing arts. Over the years, I sought healers who helped me clear my doubts and insecurities. I released self-limiting beliefs unwittingly handed down to me by parents and from society. I learned what it meant to believe in and stand in my own light. I became a healer myself. As an advanced energy intuitive and with a certification in soul coaching, I’ve been honored to help thousands of clients and students heal by restoring their faith in themselves, finding their purpose, expanding their joy, and especially helping other Light Warriors feel confident in the message that's coming through them and freely expressing it.

But perhaps the greatest gift I received through my circuitous journey of making myself whole again is the realization of an ancient truth that pervades all of life. New Thought author Neville Goddard eloquently explains this truth when he writes: “The whole vast world is ourselves pushed out.” In other words, the world is a reflection of who we are. In order to create the changes we want to see externally, we need to create them internally first. You know the saying: As within so without, as above so below.

I was going about it the wrong way! I had my mission, my obsessive work ethic, my passion for the Earth, but I had no internal support structure. I had no way of clearing and recharging my personal energy system. I was absorbing everyone else’s energy and lost sight of who I am. I realized that if my deepest heart’s desire as a Light Warrior was to co-create a world founded on the principles of compassion, wisdom, justice, and joy, then I needed to learn to cultivate and embody those qualities. So over fifteen years, I slowly but surely began to understand what Neville meant in that ancient truth. I learned how to live it.

Specifically, I began to consistently use essential life-transforming tools taught to me along my healing journey as well as create some of my own. For example, I learned how to stay grounded and centered, even when deeply triggered. In the past, I would have cracked like a brittle tree under a ferocious wind. Certain tools helped my physical body unwind and relax. I tamed the ceaseless taskmaster that lived in my mind to understand that it was no longer in charge. I learned how to meet, honor, and transform my emotions including the grief, rage, despair, anxiety, and fear that are common to many Light Warriors. I enriched my spirit through loving kindness and encouraged it to soar. I learned how to believe in my dreams as well as my dreams for the world. Through the use of these tools, perceived blocks to my light dissolved and continue to dissolve today. Because I dared to shine I am learning how to boldly shine my radiant light.

Author James Hillman writes: “You get from the fire only what the fire is fed.” Prior to integrating these tools into my life, my internal fire was barely lit. I was running on smoldering ashes and could hardly breathe. Now I’m able to show up firing on all cylinders. And my passion to co-create Heaven on Earth? It’s completely restored and burning brightly because it now has a stronger and more stable container: my own personal energy system. Once I tended to my personal fire, my purpose unfolded naturally. I’ve become the change agent that I want to see in the world. I’ve even become a guiding light for others. So can you!

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