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Qigong: The Art of Effortless Power

Relax Your Body, Calm Your Mind, Let Your Spirit Soar

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Many years ago,

When I boldly followed my dream of becoming a healer, my first teacher insisted that I engage in some form of body movement. Why? As he says: "It helps us stay in our bodies!" I slowly but surely began to understand what any good healer knows: if we're not grounded and centered, there's no way our central channel is open to receive healing energy and inspiration from Divine Source Energy. Our energy needs to be in our body to receive. That's when we're the most powerful.

He taught me Tai Chi,
but I couldn't connect to it.


I tried though. As I practiced I found I I was way too much up in my head, I had to remember so many sequential movements,

and hold my hands in specific ways. It just didn't click.

And then I found Qigong. It felt like coming home.

It doesn't matter what form of movement you choose. Maybe it's walking, yoga, dancing, or Pilates. Or maybe Tai Chi is just the ticket for you. The key is to find some form of movement, make sure it's one you enjoy, and then do it. If you do, I guarantee your life will change.

As those ancient Qigong masters like to say: The hinges of an active door never rust, and flowing water never stagnates.

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It's been 16 years since I was first introduced to Qigong


And my love affair with it has only grown. Qigong masters Daisy Lee and Deborah Davis have certified me. I'm also a big fan of Lee Holden. Today, this ancient and obscure form of movement is currently seeing a worldwide revival. Why? Because it works, it’s easy to do, and I like to say there’s no wrong way to do it! Teaching Qigong is one of the easiest and most joyful experiences that I can offer you.

Simply put, Qigong changed my life. It can change yours too!

Online courses (prerecorded)

Relax Your Body, Calm Your Mind, Let Your Spirit Soar!


Each course is a pre-recorded 8-week live course.

You'll have access to the entire course for life,

at can watch it anytime at your convenience!

Click the image to learn more about each class.


Qigong for Empaths


Awakening Qigong

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"Thank you so much for offering this course!

I so appreciate your energy, how compassionate,

gentle, and accepting you are.

I love how you help synthesize and connect."

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