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Increase Energy, Reduce Stress, Be Calm and Centered

Each course is an 8-week pre-recorded live class.

Watch at your convenience. Have access to it for life!

All welcome! No previous experience necessary.


Qigong for Empaths


Do you easily pick up on what other people are feeling . . . and then absorb energy that isn't yours?

Do you sometimes (or often) feel drained from your interactions with other people?

Are world events weighing you down?

Are you looking for a way to cleanse and clear other people's energy so it no longer weighs you down?

Qigong for Empaths is an easy and joyful way to let go of other peoples' energy so your own light can shine bright and clear!


Qigong for Empaths is an easy and joyful way to let go of other peoples' energy so your own light can shine bright and clear!

Learn easy ways to clear energy that isn't yours.

Feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and recharged.

If you're in the healing arts as an energy healer, doctor, therapist, life coach, teacher, massage therapist, or just someone with a great big heart, this class is for you!

Relax your body,

calm your mind,

let your spirit soar!


What is Qigong for Empaths?

Each class begins with simple and easy movements to help clear and release any energy in your personal energy field that isn't there for your highest and best good. This can be energy you've accumulated over the day, the week, the month, etc. 

We'll then do a simple exercise to strengthen your Wei Qi field, a protective force field of energy that surrounds you, also known as your Guardian energy. 


Now that you've cleared and strengthened your own unique energy field, we use flowing movements to  strengthen and expand your internal light, by far the most powerful tool you have to prevent energy from others overwhelming you.

Each class concludes with a short meditation to anchor and seal in the shift you experience in each class.​

Benefits Include:

  • Increase of balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

  • Increased confidence and calm

  • Release of stuck emotions

  • Expansion of your own unique beautiful light

  • Increase in your vital life force energy

  • Feeling centered and grounded

  • Increase of joy


Awakening Qigong

Have you ever felt weighed down by past experiences in your life?

Do you feel like you carry old emotional energy whether it’s anger, bitterness, sadness, and/or guilt?

Is the rapid change and uncertainty creating anxiety within?

Or maybe your heart is filled with heaviness due to the epic times that we live in. 

Or maybe you just feel numb.

If any of the this rings true for you, it’s likely that your body has found a place to store that emotional energy. It could be anywhere: your heart, your hip, your liver, lungs, belly, your knees, etc.


Our mind, body, and emotions are intimately connected. In fact, our subconscious stores all of the unprocessed emotions in our body.

What a huge job for our bodies!

If you're ready to gently release those stuck emotions and transform them into vital creative energy, Awakening Qigong is for you!

Whether you new to Qigong or a seasoned veteran, this class will help you access feelings of peace, flow, and calm.


What is Awakening Qigong?

Awakening Qigong is an easy to learn system of gentle flowing movements that combines simple stretches, healing sounds, and standing postures.

We’ll focus on strengthening and releasing stagnant emotional energy in our bodies, especially in the lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen, and endocrine system. You’ll learn how to release stuck emotions and transform them into vital life force energy.

Through Awakening Qigong you'll:

  • Learn how to awaken and activate your inner healer

  • Learn an easy and simple Qigong routine to increase your energy and reduce stress

  • Learn what emotions correspond to your specific organs and how to transform them

  • Experience the Inner Smile, considered the foundation of health

  • Learn the 6 Healing Sounds, a 5,000-year-old system created specifically to release stagnant emotional energy from your body.

  • Understand and experience why standing postures, are one of the best ways to rejuvenate and strengthen your body

  • Explore the Chinese 5 Element System and how the elements help to heal body, mind, and spirit

  • Experience the healing power of your breath

  • Have fun!

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