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Embody Your Light

Be the Light

 with Joan D'Argo

Energy Intuitive

Soul Coach


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3 Essential Self-Care Tools for the

21st Century Spiritual Warrior

Shine Your Radiant Light!

You were born with an amazing light.
In fact, at your core, you are pure light.
Your light carries all of the gifts you are meant to share.
Although it may feel at times like your light has dimmed, there is nothing–absolutely nothing–that can diminish it.
It is time to unapologetically shine your light as bright as you can.
​For your own good, and for the highest good of all!


Joan is an Energy Intuitive, Teacher, and a Soul Coach who helps you embody your highest potential with joy, ease, and confidence.


Writing is one of Joan’s passions! Read her latest blog posts about intuition, energy healing, and how you can tap into the deep well of wisdom and vitality that you born with!

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Spiritual Wildfire Academy

A global online resource created for anyone who is ready to use their own light to help ignite the worldwide spiritual wildfire we need now.


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Being in the present moment is not as elusive as you may think! Sometimes called Moving Meditation, Qigong helps us get there, and for many, it is a lot easier than sitting.



Many have said that Joan’s voice is one of the most calming and centering voices they've heard. Access a deep state of peace here!

We live in challenging times! If there was ever a time that was calling out for us to hone our personal resilience and sharpen our spiritual tools, it is now!

Do you have a Spiritual Tool Box that you can call upon?