I empower empathic, visionary women attain unshakeable confidence in their gifts, power, and true purpose so they can freely express them.

You carry wisdom needed now! In a world where intuition, sensitivity, and vision are often dismissed, your gifts are pioneering. It's time to celebrate and own them. As you do, you joyfully become the leader you were born to be whether in your home, community, and/or the world.

What type of light do you emanate as a leader in these rapidly shifting times?

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Work With Joan

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Wise Message Blueprint Session


You carry wisdom, a unique message that's greatly needed now to help co-create a better, brighter world. Do you know what your message is? I'd love to help you hone it! Schedule a 20-minute Wise Message Blueprint Session with me, a preliminary session to help you get crystal clear on your unique wisdom and message. Learn how best to share your gift during these rapidly changing times. Discover what may be preventing you from freely expressing it.

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Private Healing Session


Confidently sharing our gifts requires that we clear the clutter. Remove the blocks. Let go of the impediments. It means that we courageously release anything preventing us from stepping into our magnificence and sharing what we came here to do. Especially now during these epic, evolutionary times. The Universe is asking us to be bold. To shine brightly. To not hold back! You know you have so much to offer. I'm here to help you clear anything that prevents you from fully expressing your unique light.

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1:1 Private Deep Dive Mentoring


Want to really transform your life? Take a deep dive with me. Commit to your transformation by working with me monthly for nine months and discover how to fully express the wisdom you were born with and the messages you're meant to share. You're someone who has big dreams. You know you're here to make a difference, to be of service and to boldly shine your light . . . in your home, your community, and/or the world.  Together, let's make your dream a reality!

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Stand Confident in Your Light

For Sensitives Who Feel Deeply
An 8-week online interactive program
Starts October 13

Learn 6 steps to go from anxiety, overwhelm, and self-doubt

to confidence and inspiration.

Dare to Shine!



You're someone who feels deeply . . . especially about the Earth.
You know in your bones that a world based on compassion, wisdom, justice, joy, and of course love is not only possible, it's inevitable. You're a wisdom keeper. A pioneer.

You were born to be a coach, a guide or a healer . . . you know this in your bones.
You're a visionary, intuitive old soul with wisdom needed for our times.
The thing is, you're often highly sensitive.
This same empathic gift that makes you a healing visionary,
also means you can easily get taken down by self-doubt, others’ emotions,
and even by the stressful state of the world.
I call this Empathic Overwhelm Syndrome
and tragically it can prevent you from following your calling.
My programs help you release paralysis, overwhelm, and anxiety
so you can stand confidently in your own light!

Learn to express your visionary work with confidence
and become the leader you were born to be!
The world needs your light, now more than ever!


Warrior means one who is brave. And your light is simply the fullest expression of who you are. Embedded within your light are all of your gifts, all of the gifts you're meant to share.

Dare to Shine:
Light Warrior Certification Program



Right now the world is inviting each of us to be bold, to shine brightly,

and to wholeheartedly share our gifts to help co-create the

better, brighter world we know is not only possible,

we know it's inevitable!


It's a world based on compassion, wisdom, justice, joy, and of course love.

And it's no coincidence that you and I are alive during these epic, evolutionary times.

We are meant to help midwife this new world into being.

Become the visionary leader you are meant to be . . . confidently share your gifts . . .

in your home, community, and the world.

Dare to lead with your light.

Teach others how to do the same.

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Hi there!
I'm Joan D'Argo


Like you, I've always been a sensitive, empathic type with big bold dreams for myself and the world.


But for much of my life, I was overcome with anxiety and self-doubt, so much so that even though I knew what I had to say was important, I literally couldn't open my mouth. Talk about frustrating!


Just like you, I knew I had a message, gifts to share, and deeply wanted to be of service.



Thank you so much for the interview! I felt your light and it brings me such comfort. We all have gifts and your gift has freed me to really be open to all my light and send my light to others. It brings such joy!
Mary  J L.

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