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I help empathic, visionary women
attain unshakeable confidence and live their dream of owning a successful
healing business.

Through the Wise Woman Initiation, your innate power, purpose and wisdom are activated so your gifts can be freely expressed. Imagine what that can do for your healing business!

What Wise Woman archetype do you embody?

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Work With Joan

Work With Joan


You're someone who feels deeply . . . especially about the Earth.
You know in your bones that a world based on compassion, wisdom, justice, joy, and of course love is not only possible, it's inevitable. You're a wisdom keeper. A pioneer.

You were born to be a coach, a guide or a healer . . . you know this in your bones.
You're a visionary, intuitive old soul with wisdom needed for our times.
The thing is, you're often highly sensitive.
This same empathic gift that makes you a healing visionary and wise woman,
may also mean you can easily get taken down by self-doubt, others’ emotions,
and even by the stressful state of the world.
I call this Empathic Overwhelm Syndrome
and it can prevent you from following your calling.
The Wise Woman Method helps you release paralysis, overwhelm, and anxiety
so you can stand confidently in your own light!

Learn to express your visionary work with confidence
and become the leader you were born to be!
The world needs your light, now more than ever!

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Stand Confident in Your Light
the Wise Woman Method
For Visionary Empaths who Feel Deeply

An 8-week online interactive coaching program
Starts March 28

Receive the Wise Woman Initiation where ancient codes of wisdom within you will be activated. Transform

anxiety, overwhelm, and self-doubt into confidence

and inspiration. Dare to Shine!

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Stand Confident in Your Light
Wise Woman Method Certification Program
Coming Soon!

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Hi there!
I'm Joan D'Argo


Like you, I've always been a sensitive, empathic type with big bold dreams for myself and the world.


But for much of my life, I was overcome with anxiety and self-doubt, so much so that even though I knew what I had to say was important, I literally couldn't open my mouth. Talk about frustrating!


Just like you, I knew I had a message, gifts to share, and deeply wanted to be of service.



Thank you so much for the interview! I felt your light and it brings me such comfort. We all have gifts and your gift has freed me to really be open to all my light and send my light to others. It brings such joy!
Mary  J L.

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Do you have a question or comment? I'd love to hear from you!


Thanks for the message. I'll be in touch shortly.

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