Dare to Shine!

 with Joan D'Argo

Advanced Energy Intuitive  |  Soul Coach  |  Teacher

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In this 45-minute video, I share with you 3 tools in my spiritual toolbox:

Move Your Body, Be Still and Listen, and Choose Joy.

you were born with an amazing light.

In fact, at your core, you are pure light.

Your light carries all of the gifts you are meant to share.

Although it may feel at times like your light has dimmed,

there is nothing–absolutely nothing–that can diminish it.

It's time to unapologetically shine your light as bright as you can.

​For your own good and for the highest good of all!

Through my personal healing sessions and online classes

you can learn how to raise your personal light frequency and

use it to help ignite a worldwide spiritual wildfire!

I’m Joan D’Argo the founder of the Spiritual Wildfire Academy.


I am a soul coach, qigong teacher, published author, and environmentalist dedicated to creating a world grounded in compassion, wisdom, justice, and joy. I’ve been a student and practitioner of the healing arts for almost twenty years and a lover of the Earth since I was born. 


I created the Spiritual Wildfire Academy, a global community resource, for anyone who is ready to use their own light to help ignite the worldwide spiritual wildfire we need now. My coaching programs, events, and online programs offer inspiration, practical tools, and a welcoming community for anyone who is ready to claim their

true awakened potential and use it to their fullest ability. 

My Offerings

Spiritual Wildfire Academy

A global online resource created for anyone who is ready to use their own light to help ignite the worldwide spiritual wildfire we need now.

  • Learn why the combination of spirituality and activism is by the far the most powerful method to create desired change.

  • Realize the unprecedented power of claiming your spiritual light as the human species prepares for a quantum evolutionary leap.

  • Joyfully and clearly understand your role as a Visionary,  Spiritual Warrior, Revolutionary, Cultural Midwife, Change Agent, Rebel, etc. to help birth this new world into being.

  • Invite your heart to awaken to its full potential so you can live the life of your dreams.

  • And more!

Personal Sessions

Are you ready to discover what really makes you come alive? My Ignite Your Inner Fire sessions help you uncover what truly lights your soul on fire and how to create the life you know you were born to live.

Did you know that your natural state of health is one of unlimited energy? But often unresolved trauma and blocked emotions impede the flow of the fullest expression of our energy. My Awaken Your Inner Healer sessions help you release and clear stagnant energy so your naturally radiant light can shine. As it does, your body remembers how to heal.

Looking for an easy way to relax your body, calm your mind, and let your Spirit soar? My personalized Qigong sessions help you feel grounded, centered, and balanced. Plus, there's no wrong way to do it!

Are you a 21st Century Spiritual Light Warrior?

Are you willing to

get out of your comfort zone,

move toward your fears,

embrace your shadow,

 and step into the unknown

to help co-create the world we know is possible?


If so, you're definitely a Spiritual Light Warrior! 


Join with other

Spiritual light Warriors and sign the declaration and call to action

We live in challenging times!
If there was ever a time that was calling out for us to hone our personal resilience and sharpen our spiritual tools, it's now!
Do you have a Spiritual Tool Box that you can call upon?