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The Further You Go Down, the More You Can Go Up

There was a span of time in my life when I felt so ungrounded I couldn’t even feel my feet on the earth. It reminded me of standing in front of one of those carnival mirrors at the fun house, my image distorted and contorted as if I were being pulled into a myriad of directions. It also reminded me of how life—if we let it—can easily yank us off our center. And boy was I letting it! Energetic cords from others easily attached to me, literally sucking the energy out of me.

If you could see these cords, they often appear like thick heavy ropes attached somewhere in the solar plexus or the lower abdomen, but they can be found anywhere on the body. Once attached, it can feel as though you’re dragging a ball and chain behind you. These cords are sources of unhealthy co-dependent relationships and cause our energy to leak.

During this phase of my life, my energy was leaking like a running faucet. Interactions with friends, family, and even strangers were often draining. I felt muddled and confused, had less energy, and self-doubt ruled my life. Sometimes depression would set in. Ultimately, my center was nowhere to be found because my ability to ground was non-existent.

Have you ever found yourself in this predicament? It can be easy for any of us, and especially empaths, to lose our grounding and find ourselves enmeshed in others’ energy . . . not a pleasant place to be, but easily remedied through the process of grounding.

Through a regular practice of grounding, we can release energy that would otherwise throw us off balance. For example, how many times have you felt the pain of others wash through you? Typically this energy is usually from those we love the most, family and friends. But we can absorb energy from anyone or anything, including energy from world events.

Once absorbed, it’s like trying to put gasoline in a solar powered car. It just doesn’t work and we burn ourselves out by trying. By grounding, we can release this energy and build strong healthy boundaries so we don’t absorb it in the first place. Doing so doesn’t mean that we love our family and friends any less. It just means we know how to claim and honor our own personal space.

There’s one more benefit. The more grounded we are, the easier it is to manifest our hopes, dreams, and visions for ourselves and the world. Grounding helps anything become what it’s meant to be and the further you go down, the more you go up. It’s the root system that makes all the difference. The deeper the roots, the greater the fruits! Without healthy roots, our hopes, dreams, and wishes for ourselves and the world can wither like unripened fruit on a tree.

Think of the tiny acorn that grows into the mighty oak. Without being firmly rooted into the earth, that acorn would be easily swept away by the wind and rain, ending up who knows where, perhaps in your pocket! But once firmly rooted, that seed of potential can grow into a seventy-foot tall stately oak and can live for up to two hundred years.

I believe one of the most powerful things we can do

during these epic, evolutionary times is to keep

our energy clear, radiate calm, and stay balanced,

exactly what the practice of grounding does.

This practice was a game changer for me, and one I use every day because if I don’t, I feel totally off balance. The best way to understand the power of grounding, centering, and the next step of moving into vertical alignment, is to experience it for yourself. If you’re curious, click on the video above, where you can experience it first-hand.

If you need help grounding or releasing energy that isn’t yours, let me know. I can help.

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