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Tend to Your Personal Fire, Watch Your Purpose Unfold Naturally!

Like you, I've always been a sensitive, empathic type with big, bold dreams for myself and the world. I am a Light Warrior and guide many to boldly claim this title through my successful fifteen-year intuitive coaching practice. But it wasn't always this way.

For much of my life, I was overcome with anxiety and self-doubt. I knew what I had to say was important, but I literally couldn't open my mouth. Talk about frustrating! I knew I had a message, gifts to share, and I deeply wanted to be of service.

One particularly embarrassing occasion was as an international Greenpeace campaigner. I remember sitting in a high-powered strategy session with thirty self-assured leaders from around the world. I had a critical piece of the puzzle and desperately wanted to share it. In fact, I was leading one of the most successful campaigns at the time.

Still, I was unable to share my unique insights because of the waves of fear and anxiety washing over me. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, my face turning red, and for the life of me couldn't open my mouth. Maybe you've had similar experiences!

After that incident, I promised myself I would transform my fear and insecurity into confidence and courage . . . which only began to come true ten years later. Public speaking is now one of my favorite things to do!

But at Greenpeace, I doubted my ability and my light, gave way too much to my job, and never took time to restore my energy. My entire world revolved around the mantra of "work, work, work" and the mission to "give, give, give." I was learning the hard way. Maybe you know what I'm talking about.

Completely exhausted, I couldn't sustain my own energy, much less believe in my ability to contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable world. After ten years of this draining routine, I burned out and quit. Cue up the inevitable personal identity crisis. I was left asking, "Who am I?"

Something needed to change. So I embarked on a healing journey to clear my doubts and insecurities and start owning my gifts. I released self-limiting beliefs unwittingly handed down by parents, society, and past lifetimes. I learned what it meant to believe in and stand in my own light. I became a healer, a coach, and a guiding light for others. So can you!

Ultimately, this journey brought me face to face with ancient truth. To create the changes we want to see externally, we must first create them internally. I love the way New Thought author Neville Goddard says it: "The whole vast world is ourselves pushed out." In other words, the world is a reflection of who we are. As within so without, as above so below.

But I was going about it the wrong way. Sure, I had my mission, my passion for the Earth. But with no internal support system and an obsessive work ethic, I crashed. I was unable to clear, recharge, and sustain my own energy.

Instead, I absorbed everyone else's energy and lost sight of who I am. My heart-felt desire as a Light Warrior was (and is) to help co-create a world based on compassion, wisdom, justice, joy, and love.

So over fifteen years, I slowly but surely began to understand what Neville meant in that ancient truth. I learned how to cultivate and embody these qualities. How to live them. It's an ongoing process!

Author James Hillman writes: "You get from the fire only what the fire is fed." My internal fire was barely lit before integrating these tools into my life. Running on smoldering ashes, I could scarcely breathe. Now I'm able to show up firing on all cylinders. And my passion to co-create Heaven on Earth? It's completely restored and burning brightly because now I’ve created a more robust and stable container: my own personal energy system.

Once I tended to my personal fire, my purpose unfolded naturally. I've become . . . and becoming . . . the change I want to see in the world. The key is to keep our internal fire burning brightly!

You don't have to learn the hard way like I did. In April, I'm sharing with you everything I learned in a new group coaching course called Be The Calm in Any Storm - For Sensitives Who Feel Deeply. I created it to help you stay calm and centered, especially during uncertain and challenging times. Over 8 weeks, I'll help you go from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and drained to feeling calm, confident, and able to easily access your truth. Registration opens March 29. For a sneak peek of the course click here.

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