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The Wise Woman Initiation

The Complete Methodology to

Stand Confidently in Your Light the Wise Woman Way

A one-of-a-kind small group coaching program for empathic visionary women

ready to breakthrough self-doubt so you become

the wise woman leader you were born to be whether in your

home, community, business, or the world.

Starts October 3


Are you going through a Wise Woman Initiation?

It can happen at anytime in your life! Here's how you know: 

  • You want to experience your own cup overflowing, especially after years and perhaps decades of giving to others.

  • You know you have untapped wisdom and creativity within you, but you’re not sure how to access it.

  • You notice you may be trying to fulfill an unmet need through a relationship or business.

  • You may be exhausted from holding onto energy that isn’t yours, and you’re ready to shake it off so you can experience the brilliance of your own light.

  • And you’re tired of being boxed in by other people’s rules or opinions.

  • You know you’re here to help co-create the new Earth, and you’re ready to shed any conditioning from society, culture, childhood, etc., that’s holding you back!

  • You’re ready to discover who YOU are and how you can joyfully serve whether in your home, community, business, or the world!

  • Something is stirring within you that says now is your time to shine like you never have before . . . to embody the fullest expression of who you are! There's no more denying this!

As an empathic, visionary woman you carry wisdom needed now whether in your home, community, business, or the world.

The truth is you're a leader at your core.

And your gifts of intuition and sensitivity are pioneering!


The Wise Woman Initiation

The Complete Methodology to Standing Confidently

in Your Light the Wise Woman Way

The Wise Woman Initiation creates unshakable confidence

in who you are and why you’re here.


Whether it’s the

  • creation of your dream healing business,

  • wanting clarity about the next phase of your life,

  • or the desire to feel a deep peace within . . .


there is a deep well of wisdom within you ready to guide you to the fulfillment of your desires beyond your wildest dreams!


Its guidance is filled with love, compassion, truth, and joy. And this wisdom is wiser than any teacher, healer, therapist, or best friend.


In this one-of-a-kind 8-week group coaching program, you learn the complete methodology to access this wisdom and how to create a clear open channel for consistent guidance for the rest of your life!

Your Wise Woman Within is the Divine Feminine Embodiment of Your Soul.

She is you vibrating at a different frequency. She wants to merge with you!

Once she does, your innate wisdom, power, and purpose

unfold with ease, grace, and joy.


Imagine being able to . . .

  • Feel completely confident in your wisdom, power, and purpose

  • Have 24/7 access to the deepest well of wisdom available to you.

  • Consistently channel creative, innovative ideas for your unique business and have a steady stream of aligned clients if that's your desire

  • Feel inspired because you know you're in alignment with what you came here to do

  • Trust in your ability to fully express your unique gifts

  • Feel a deep peace within because you have a more expanded spiritual awareness of who you are and why you're here. 

Think . . .


Having unshakable confidence in who you are and knowing–without a doubt–your value and the amazing gifts you have to offer . . . What would that do for that deep soul desire of yours that won’t let go of you?

The Wise Woman Initiation
Stand Confident in Your Light the Wise Woman Way program starts Tuesday October 3.

I created the 6 steps of the Wise Woman Initiation to help you once and for all breakthrough years of conditioning where you were taught to dim, suppress, or repress your light. Through this program, you remember the truth of who you are: a magnificent light being capable of co-creating the life you desire. As a lightworker, you have a keen desire to contribute to the unfolding of the New Earth in a way that doesn't burn you out . . . and in whatever capacity that feels right to you! There is a treasure chest within you. Your Wise Woman Within has the key!


Step 1: Activate and Re-Source Your Incredible Light the Wise Woman Way

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more powerful than your light. Infused within your light are all of your gifts. As an extension of Divine Source Energy, it’s your greatest superpower. When your light is clear, grounded, and re-Sourced, you remember the truth of who you are: a magnificent light being capable of co-creating your heart’s desires.

  • Say goodbye to overwhelm due to prioritizing other people’s needs and being pulled in a variety of directions.

  • Seal energy leaks.

  • Replace feeling muddled and confused with clarity, calm, and joy!

  • Experience what it feels like to stand confidently in your clear, bright light and how to re-Source it the Wise Woman Way so you don’t burn out.


Step 2: Cultivate Inner Mastery and Personal Sovereignty

From the day we’re born, we’re taught to second-guess who we are and constantly look outside ourselves for guidance. Cumulative years of this programming often lead to self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-bullying. By cultivating inner mastery, we lay the groundwork to become crystal clear channels of love and truth and set the stage to meet our Wise Woman Within. Self-doubt and self-criticism are replaced with a profound respect for who you are and your gifts.

  • Learn how to transform negative self-talk into unwavering faith and belief in yourself.

  • Clear any internal static, noise, or clutter that prevents you from becoming the clear channel you were born to be.

  • Understand why self-love is by far the most potent medicine available to you.

  • Transform the act of self-love from an intellectual experience to a fully embodied one and use it to easily propel your dreams forward.

  • Understand why cultivating inner mastery and fueling it with self-love creates personal sovereignty.

Step 3: Strengthen Your Energetic Resilience 

If you’re called to this program, you’re an empathic, visionary leader in your home, community, business, or the world. As a lighthouse, you know you’re here for a reason and deeply desire to be of service in a soul-aligned way that doesn’t drain you or burn you out. As a pioneer for the New Earth, your wisdom is needed now! Visionary leaders know what it takes to keep their energy strong, stable, and calm, even during the fiercest storm.


  • Discover the superpower of your heart chakra so you no longer absorb energy from family, friends, and/or current events.

  • Understand that our feelings are here to guide us, not be us. Create and maintain emotional freedom.

  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries–not brick walls–that help you stay in your own lane, even with those you love the most.

  • Expand on the personal sovereignty you began cultivating in Step 2.

  • Learn how to keep your personal frequency calm, centered, and open to inspiration, no matter how strong the winds are blowing.

Step 4: Meet Your Wise Woman Within

Now that you have the tools to maintain a clear and open channel, you’re ready to meet your Wise Woman Within, the Divine Feminine embodiment of your Soul. Wiser than any teacher, healer, therapist, or best friend, SHE IS YOU vibrating at a different frequency, and she wants to meet you, merge with you . . . and be embodied. She knows why you’re here and what brings you the greatest joy! Imagine having 24/7 access to a crystal clear stream of wisdom to guide you in any area of your life.


  • Through a powerful guided meditation, you’ll meet your Wise Woman Within, merge with Her, and access unique ancient codes of wisdom She Holds for you.

  • Feel and embody Her presence and understand on a visceral level why SHE IS YOU simply vibrating at a different frequency. Say good-bye to doubt and insecurity.

  • With her as your guide, no more endless searching for the right answer . . . it's already within you. No more should I do this or should I do that! Boldly step forward in a soul-aligned way!

  • Courageously let Her take the lead in your life or business and understand why doing so is one of your best moves.

Step 5: Channel and Trust Your Wise Woman Messages

Ahhhh! Here's where life gets even juicier! When you let Her be the CEO, your cup begins to overflow with joy and peace. Here's where you learn how to connect with her even more deeply to interpret, trust, and act on her messages. And the magic we know is all around us? With guidance from our Wise Woman Within, we start interacting and playing with it! ​


  • Channel your Wise Woman Within on a deep Soul level so you understand without a doubt her unique way of communicating with you.

  • Unconditionally trust her messages and understand why She would never guide you in the wrong direction

  • Feel confident to act on her guidance even when it feels scary to your ego.

  • Experience the thrill of taking risks because you fully trust your Wise Woman Within

  • Ask and receive clear guidance about anything in your life, including your business, the next phase of your life, and relationships.

Step 6: Keep Your Wise Woman Light Bright

Your personal frequency is an extension of your Wise Woman light. When you take care of it, it hums at a higher and brighter frequency. Creating a simple morning ritual and consistently doing it transforms your life! Before you know it, resistance is a thing of the past, and you’re in the flow. 


  • Learn how to Start Your Day the Wise Woman Way, a daily 15-minute ritual to co-create the life of your dreams.

  • Expand and amplify your Wise Woman Light so you literally become what you desire.

  • Learn how to maintain a flow state while being the lead energy.

  • Discover and embody an ancient universal law guaranteed to produce your desired results.


  • You'll discover the 3 most powerful places in your energy body to connect, re-source, and receive Divine Source Energy to prevent fatigue and burn-out.

  • Your personal What If Question will be revealed to help you quickly manifest your desired results.

  • Because this is a small group container, you'll receive personal coaching to help you breakthrough any obstacles keeping you from fully expressing your gifts!

  • Something truly magical occurs when a like-minded group of heart-centered visionaries come together. Together, we create a potent vortex of energy that magnifies the benefits for all!

There's one more juicy bonus in the Stand Confident in Your Light program! Each class includes easy qigong exercises to help you anchor and embody your transformation over the 8 weeks.

One of my greatest joys is to include easy and fun Qigong movements to help us anchor and embody each of the 6 Wise Woman Method steps. You'll learn qigong exercises like Draw Up Energy from the Earth, Draw Down Energy from the Heavens, Tiger Clears the Way, Vibrate Like a Horse, Fly Like a Phoenix, and Open to the 6 Directions. This is such a fun way to anchor in your new found frequency! And if you've never done qigong before, I like to say there's no wrong way to do it!

Finally, in this beautiful, safe container of heart-centered classmates, together we'll participate in a group celebration to Celebrate Our Transformation.


The Wise Woman Initiation

The Complete Methodology to

Standing Confidently in Your Light

the Wise Woman Way

Joan holding hands together_edited.jpg
Hi there! I'm Joan D'Argo and I'm the creator of the Wise Woman Method. In my business, Dare to Shine, we help empathic visionary women like you attain unshakeable confidence in your wisdom, power, and true purpose. In turn, you become the Wise Woman leader your were born to be in your home, community, business, and/or the world.
Like you, I've always been a sensitive, empathic type with big bold dreams for myself and the world. For much of my life though, I was overcome with anxiety and self-doubt, so much so that even though I knew what I had to say was important, I literally couldn't open my mouth. Talk about frustrating!


I knew I had a message, gifts to share, and deeply wanted to be of service. On top of that, perhaps like you, I am someone who feels deeply. About the Earth. About social justice. About what kind of world our children will inherit.

Fast forward to today, public speaking and teaching are now one of my greatest joys. I love teaching groups the tools that gave me the confidence to boldly shine. I've honed these tools into the Wise Woman Method, a 6-step process that I can't wait to share with you!


I still feel deeply. I'll never give that up. But now I move through life with flow, ease, and grace. I understand what it means when they say you can't pour from an empty cup. I also know what to do to keep my exquisitely sensitive energy grounded, clear, and strong . . . to keep my container full. After learning the Wise Woman Method, so will you!

The Universe is asking each of us to be bold, to shine brightly. When we have the tools, and yes, practice them, it's easy! You have wisdom, power, and purpose needed now. It's time to fully let your light shine! I can't wait to see it and am here to compassionately guide you every step of the way! ~Joan


Testimony from Alice Rubert

More Testimonials

Thank you from the depths of my heart, for sharing this amazing course. I'm so glad I didn't miss one class as each week brought something new and wonderful for the group. You truly are a Wise Woman, giving of your gifts and inspiring others through your own experience and highest intentions. Your gentle and loving teaching style is magnetic and flows with ease and grace. I loved that you shared your personal experiences on your Path. It helped bring understanding and encouragement to everyone in the group. ~Yinarra Emmanuel, Australia

Joan is a mentor/teacher/healer who graces her students with a safe space to explore the wise woman within each of us. Her teaching brings students to a higher consciousness and liberates each of us to lead with our heart and soul for the universal good. This course renewed & strengthened me on my journey during a difficult period. ~Jane Hayes

This class actually exceeded my expectations. I was reluctant to start because I have been feeling depleted this past year. Instead, I found that my energy level certainly rose with each passing week. I am glad that I decided to take this chance on myself or I never would have met such incredible women or had such profound experiences. Joan, I really think that you have a gift for passing on your knowledge and experience. The way you care, the time that you put into your students, and the incredible value of all you have researched is a true blessing to those of us who are interested in expanding our horizons. I like that you let us each expound on what we were experiencing, so much was similar and so much was new and interesting. The connection that you created for us was/is invaluable. Thank you so much, I am honored that I was a part of this class. I hope to stay in touch with you and continue learning in other venues. You have a marvelous intuition about the people that you work with, and the grace to meet people where they are and help them move forward in a way that allows growth and understanding for each individual. ~Lisa Arthur

I've already recommended this class to a few people! Joan's 6 step process to shining your inner light has changed how I view not only myself but the world. Getting to know about Joan's personal story and her vulnerability added such great connection and brought to light so much that we have in common. Because of this it felt easier to be vulnerable. The energy and guided meditations helped get us all on the right foot. It was such an amazing journey and I'm so glad I was able to participate with the other wise women! I now have this amazing toolbox full of wisdom, steps and group energy that I can use to help me have a more sustainable/happy life! I'm so thrilled that this class was offered and I am so happy that I was willing to allow the possibility to build on my foundation to make it this strong, undoubtedly bright light!! ~Alice Rubert

First, I want to thank Joan for who she is and what she shares. The “what if questions” and finding “the wise woman who is myself” are finding a home in my soul/spirit as are all the other steps in your beautiful process. Your love of teaching humans is like a sacred balm mixed with creative fireworks. I am happy to be part of this group of women seeking their own wise woman source. Life is an adventure of the extraordinary to the ordinary and finding people who like to move in the creative spiritual realm grounded in earth's energy brings me excitement of what is possible. ~Robin Bransky

What an AMAZING class! I LOVE Joan and the beautiful energy and wisdom that she brings to everything she does! The content was amazing. The guided meditations and Qigong exercises were amazing. I feel more connected to myself, a past self! A very warm, loving, confident, centered and kind energy. I also really like the women that I met! I feel like I can and will continue to watch the classes and go though the exercises again and again. Thank you for your kind, brilliant, thoughtful, loving energy. You are so organized, the material was fantastic! The guided meditations and Qigong were so HELPFUL. I also LOVE all of the printouts. AND!!! I can keep watching it! Thanks for changing the HEART at a time! LOVE you Joan! ~Kim Bauml


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course meet?

Course meets via Zoom for 8 Tuesdays  starting October 3 from 1-2:30 pm eastern time, New York time.

What if I'm unable to be present on the specific days the course is offered?

No worries! Each class is recorded. Even if you can't attend at the scheduled time, you'll receive the full class materials and the course is yours to keep.

How many people will be in the course?

This course has a limited number of participants to create a more personal environment so individual coaching can be available for students.

Do I need to be on Facebook to participate in conversations in between the classes? 

Joan does have a vibrant and actively growing Facebook group called Wise Women Rising, however participation is completely optional.

How long will I have access to the course?

The course is yours to keep so you can refer back to it as often as you like.

I noticed there's some qigong included in each session. I've never practiced qigong. Is this still a good course for me? 

Yes! You are totally welcome! Qigong is an easy to learn system of self-care and self-healing that combines slow gentle movement with breath and intention. There is no wrong way to do it! I love including a few qigong exercises because it anchors into our bodies the ideas presented in each class. This way, the shifts we desire in our lives are easier to create.

Have questions about the course? Email Joan here.
You have wisdom, power, and purpose needed now!
Your natural frequency is one of ease, grace, and joy.
Your Wise Woman Within is the doorway into this flow.
The first step is connecting with her. 
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