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Stand Confident in Your Light
Learn 6 Steps to go from Anxiety, Overwhelm & Self-Doubt
to Confidence and Inspiration
For Sensitives Who Feel Deeply
Starts April 12, 2022

Are you someone who feels . . . a lot?


Maybe you've even been told you feel too much.

Does the current state of affairs fill you with anxiety, grief, and/or fear at times?

Are you easily drained?

Does self-doubt paralyze you?

Did you know your exquisite sensitivity is actually a 

superpower? In fact, it makes you a pioneer! 

As an empath, you're 5 steps ahead!

You know there's a huge shift occurring in the world.

You know you're here to make a difference . . .

for yourself, your family, community, and even the world!​

By learning how to manage your own energy, your light can radiate ease, flow, and calm. As you own your light, you become a guiding light for others!


After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  • Overcome paralyzing self-doubt

  • Relieve worrisome heart palpitations caused by stress and fear​

  • Know YOUR Truth and how YOU feel in every moment​

  • Let go of negative self-talk!​

  • Be the calm in any storm

  • Ease digestive problems caused by worry and insecurity​

  • Clear brain fog and know your personal antidote to it​

  • Learn how to stand with unshakeable confidence in your own center

  • Meet your Wise Woman within and trust her messages​

  • Embody cellular memory of your transformation though easy qigong movement

Welcome to
Stand Confident in Your Light!
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Hi there! Like you, I've always been a sensitive, empathic type with big bold dreams for myself and the world.


For much of my life though, I was overcome with anxiety and self-doubt, so much so that even though I knew what I had to say was important, I literally couldn't open my mouth. Talk about frustrating!


Just like you, I knew I had a message, gifts to share, and deeply wanted to be of service. On top of that, I am someone who feels deeply. About the Earth. About social injustice. About what kind of world our children will inherit.

Fast forward to today, public speaking is now one of my greatest joys. I love teaching groups the tools that gave me the confidence to boldly shine. I've honed these tools into my signature 6-step process that I can't wait to share it with you!


I still feel deeply. I'll never give that up. But now I move through life with flow, ease, and grace. I understand what it means when they say you can't pour from an empty cup. I also know what to do to keep my exquisitely sensitive energy grounded, clear, and strong . . . to keep my container full. After taking Stand Confidently, so will you!

The Universe is asking each of us to be bold, to shine brightly. When we have the tools, and yes, practice them, it's easy! You have a gift. It's time to stop the self-sabotage and really let your light shine! I can't wait to see it! ~Joan

Learn 6 steps to go from overwhelm, anxiety, and self-doubt
to being confident and able to easily access your truth.


Course meets via Zoom for 8 Tuesdays from 5-6:30 pm eastern time.

April 12 - May 31, 2022     Each class is 90 minutes long.

Recordings will be provided to all registered students so even if you can't attend

at the scheduled time, you'll still be able to receive the full class materials.

Be fully seen within a safe container of heart-centered classmates.

Introduction & Welcome
Laying the Framework
  • Your exquisite sensitivity is pioneering!

  • From Empathic Overwhelm Syndrome to Confidence & Inspiration

  • Horizontal Alignment v. Vertical Alignment

  • Welcome and Setting Intentions.

Step 1: Claim and Hold Your Center

  • Where is your center?

  • Understand why your personal energy is sacred and why the Universe is ALWAYS there to support you. 

  • Learn the 3 most powerful places in your body to connect and receive supportive energy.

  • Draw Up Energy from the Earth and Draw Down Energy from the Heavens.

Step 3: Clear the Static and Noise from the Inside

  • Move from self-sabotage to self-love

  • Transform negative self-talk into self-compassion

  • Reveal your personal What If Question to quickly manifest the results you want

  • Tiger Clears the Way and and Snake Sheds Its Skin

Step 5: Trust Your Wise Woman Messages

  • Connect with your Wise Woman on an even deeper level.

  • Learn how to trust her messages. 

  • Discover how to ask and receive specific messages from your Wise Woman Within to help guide you in your life.

  • Experience The Lotus

Celebrate Your Transformation!

  • Participate in a group celebration to honor your transformation

  • Learn a simple way to prepare for more growth and expansion

  • Open to the 6 Directions

Step 2: Clear the Static and Noise from the Outside

  • Learn how to stay in your own lane, even with those you love the most!

  • Strengthen your energy field so you no longer absorb energy from family, friends, and/or current events

  • Vibrate Like a Horse and Fly Like a Phoenix

Step 4: Meet Your Wise Woman Within

  • Discover the truth of who you are - move from your higher self, not your small self.

  • Experience a powerful guided meditation to meet your Wise Woman Within.

  • Understand why she is wiser than any teacher, healer, therapist, or friend.

  • Come Home to Your Heart.

Step 6: Keep Your Light Bright

  • Learn how to sustain your confidence frequency

  • Learn tools to keep your vibration high.

  • Keep yourself calm, centered, and open to inspiration!

  • Create cellular memory of your shifts by anchoring and embodying them with 2 Qigong exercises called Honor Your Heart and Strengthen Your Aura.

Investment $400


​Your investment for this 8 week course is $400

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I'm unable to be present on the specific days the course is offered?

No worries! Each class is recorded. You'll have full access to the course whether you can attend or not and receive all of the benefits.

How many people will be in the course?

This course has a limited number of participants to create a more personal environment so individual coaching can be available for students.

Do I need to be on Facebook to participate in conversations in between the classes? 

No, there is a private online forum specifically dedicated to this course. You'll have easy access to it if you like, although it's definitely not required.

How long will I have access to the course?

The course is yours to keep so you can refer back to it as often as you like.

I noticed there's some qigong included in each session. I've never practiced qigong. Is this still a good course for me? 

Yes! You are totally welcome! Qigong is an easy to learn system of self-care and self-healing that combines slow gentle movement with breath and intention. There is no wrong way to do it! I love including a few qigong exercises because it anchors into our bodies the ideas presented in each class. This way, the shifts we desire in our lives are easier to create.

This class is for you if you're ready to:
  • Release negative self-talk
  • Create a powerful loving relationship with the truth of who you are
  • Learn what it means to receive rather than just give
  • Create boundaries that honor your exquisite sensitivity
  • Create an internal frequency that creates a force-field of love, creativity, and positive energy 
  • Practice consistent powerful habits that will change your life
Have questions about the course? Email Joan here.
“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,
deserve your love and affection.”

— Buddha