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You Don't Have to Go It Alone - Ask for Guidance!

In my last blog, I shared the value of having a spiritual toolbox that is well-stocked, used, and opened daily and shared one of the tools in my own toolbox. Here's another tool that helps you shift from overwhelm, depression, and/or confusion to the agent of positive change and creativity you were born to be!

We often feel like we have to go it alone when making choices. Whether it’s deciding to stay in our marriage, get married, take the class, make the career change, quit the job, or have the surgery, life is full of big questions! Should I do this, or should I do that? During these times of uncertainty, life can feel overwhelming. Before we know it, we’ve thrown ourselves into a tizzy where just the very act of thinking hurts our brains and we wind up feeling stuck!

However, there is an easier way. It is based on the premise that the Universe has our back. As author Rob Brezny writes in his book Pronoia: “The whole vast universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings. Life is crazily in love with us–brazenly and innocently in love with us.” The Universe wants us to succeed. However, we need to ask for guidance.

Tool #2: Ask for Guidance

When your energy starts to spiral down or you feel stuck, remember to ask for guidance.You have two major resources for guidance: 1) your invisible spiritual team of allies; and 2) trusted people around you. In other words, life was not meant to be a solo experience! You don’t have to fly alone.

Each one of us was born with an invisible spiritual team of allies. Depending on your belief system these allies may include your higher self, your soul, spirit, God, animal totem, Universe, guardian angel, ancestors, etc. You can call your spiritual team whatever you want but be sure to call it! Ask it for guidance. This team is here for your highest and best good. For example, your Soul is one of your most loving allies. It knows who you are, why you’re here, and most of all loves the truth! Its only job is to guide you to your greatest joy. Accessing guidance from your Soul is like having 24/7 access to your own personal North Star. When you ask for guidance, life becomes so much easier! Instead of pushing the river, you’re in the flow.

Asking for guidance can be as simple as stating: “Please give me a sign that this choice I’m contemplating is in my highest and best interest.” And then be on the lookout for your answer. One of the best ways to receive your answer is to get still and listen, (Spiritual Tool #1). But the Universe sends us signs in a myriad of ways. You may hear your answer in a song, see a sign in nature, get confirmation from a friend, receive just the phone call you were looking for, receive the answer in a meditation, etc. The more you practice and trust this approach, the easier it gets.

Recently, one of my clients had a huge breakthrough. For the first time in her life, she felt “whole.” Sure, she still had unmet desires, but she knew in her heart of hearts that whether or not those desires were fulfilled, she was content right here and now. Perhaps you can imagine the peace and freedom she felt through this revelation.

As she shared this major breakthrough with me in her session, she asked for help in acknowledging and confirming this epiphany. Often in sessions I invite my clients to connect with their team of spiritual allies. During the session she received the acknowledgement and confirmation she was seeking. On her way home, a bald eagle (her personal animal totem) flew overhead. As she said: “It was just another affirming sign.” When you allow yourself to be in the flow, you can see and hear the messages all around you. The universe is always communicating with us.

In addition to your spiritual team of allies, don’t forget to ask for help from people around you. Perhaps hiring a spiritual counselor or coach or receiving a massage will create just the right amount of relaxation and calm for the guidance you are seeking to easily emerge. Remember though, that any good counselor or coach will always direct you back to the infinite well of wisdom within you. S/he will provide you with tools to access that wisdom whenever needed. For ultimately you, (with the help of your spiritual allies) are your own best guide!

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