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Heaven on Earth: Pipe Dream or Real Possibility?

    When I first saw the photograph below I said to myself: “That can’t be possible. These days anyone can make anything look real. I’m sure it was technologically manipulated to create that image.” But I did my research and was astonished to discover that this untouched photo was one of ten taken in a ten second window by German photographer Daniel Biber. Because he was so focused on taking the pictures, he realized later he captured the stunning photos while developing his film.

Once I let go of my cynicism and rekindled my trust in nature’s ability to completely amaze me, I fully opened up to the majesty and metaphor of this photo. This image stirs so much in me! What is it about thousands of starlings swooping in one synchronized pattern that evokes such awe that one must pause and become mesmerized? Perhaps it’s their ability to magically create the “impossible” when they move and dance as one. Or maybe it’s their combined ingenuity that conjures up something far greater that any individual bird can do alone. As they synchronized their movements did they know they were creating a giant bird in the sky? Who am I to doubt nature’s ability to astound and create magic all around us?


   We too are nature. We think we’re separate, but we’re not. The same elements of air, water, fire, and earth that make up nature are the same elements that make up us. The same life force energy that beckons thousands of birds to fly as one is the same life force energy that flows through you and me. And right now, this life force, call it what you want—divine source energy, the universe, God—is beckoning each of us to fully step into the truth, beauty, and magic of who we really are. An unprecedented window is now open for us to collectively imagine and realize possibilities we’ve never before thought possible. I believe this life force is inviting us to remember that we have the ability to co-create heaven on earth. This is incredibly good timing because what we’ve thus far collectively dreamed up is not enough to sustain us.


    Believing that heaven on earth is even remotely possible may seem naïve or childish, especially considering the current global dark night. We might think the only thing that can get us out of this nightmare is a miracle. But we are born miracle makers. We may resist this notion, but deep down there is a part of us that knows we are magnificent, unlimited beings capable of co-creating with divine source energy the world we know is possible. If it’s not our destiny to create a world based on compassion, wisdom, justice, joy, and love then why are we here? Just as those birds flocked together to create something that is one thousand times larger than any one bird, so can we. Together, there is nothing we cannot do.


    If you’re having trouble believing that miracles are our birthright, try asking a what-if question. Not “What if the plane I’m on gets hit by a bolt of lightning and comes crashing down?” No, those worst-case scenario what-ifs are not what I’m talking about! 


    The what-ifs I use have the unique ability to spark curiosity and completely shift my mindset from one of resistance into one of possibility. They blow the lid off the glass ceiling of what we think we’re capable of. The words of Einstein come in handy here. He said: “I didn’t arrive at my understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe through my rational mind.” Instead, he was curious. In his most creative space, he suspended the workings of his rational mind. He let go of his small self that would surely exclaim in its most controlling voice: “Who do you think you are? There is no way that could happen!” and then he opened up to the greater field of infinite possibilities. So can we.


    Try it yourself. Take a moment and ask yourself a what-if question. Perhaps your question is: What if I easily access ease and flow in my life? What if my deepest desire (you name it) could be easily manifested? What if I really am a magnificent spiritual light being? What if we could fly as one for the greater good? What if co-creating heaven on earth is fulfilling our human destiny?  


    Notice what happens inside your body when you ask your question. For me, I notice a quickening in my heart and my Spirit responds: “Yes, more questions like that please.” My cells literally begin to vibrate with excitement and anticipation. As they do, a new more elevated vibrational pattern emerges. A higher frequency within me begins to calibrate, setting the stage—literally a field of receptive energy—for me to receive my desire.


    Here’s the best part of what if questions. Your only job is to ask the question. That’s it. Don’t try to figure out how to answer or solve it. Just ask the question, be open, curious, and let the universe respond. Once you’ve got your question, try using it twenty to thirty times a day and especially when your small self tells you it’s impossible. Create one for yourself and one for the world.


    Can we move as one? Can we step into the truth beauty and magic of who we really are? Can we collectively take a quantum leap and believe that co-creating heaven on earth is not only possible, but inevitable? Yes, of course we can! The best part of all? We don’t have to do it alone. The Universe has our back. Let’s take that leap and fly together!



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