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Dare to Speak Your Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes

Speaking your truth is the highest expression of your personal power. It’s a bold action, one not to be underestimated especially in this age of misinformation and extreme polarity. And it’s one of the most significant ways you can shine your light. Plus, when you dare to use your voice and take a stand, it gives all of us the confidence and power to do the same.

But if you’re like me, it’s not an easy thing to do! Only recently have I become more comfortable speaking my truth. It takes courage and conviction. In the past, I was terrified to express my opinion. When I tried, I turned beet red, my heart began to pound, and I stumbled over my words. I felt ashamed for being unable to express myself. I decided it was better to just keep my mouth shut, so I stayed quiet. In some ways I felt safer that way because trying to shine my light by speaking my truth was too painful. I knew in my heart that what I had to say was valuable, but I remained quiet and my frustration increased.

But silence speaks volumes. Choosing to remain silent about things that matter profoundly affects both ourselves and the world. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

I feel so passionate about this that I’ve included it as the 5th of 11 Actions Step in the Declaration and Call to Action for Spiritual Light Warriors. All of these steps require a willingness to get out of our comfort zones, move toward our fears, embrace our shadows, and step into the unknown, all things 21st Century Spiritual Light Warriors are willing to do.

The 5th Action Step is called: We Dare to Speak Our Truth Even If Our Voice Shakes and it reads:

Speaking our truth is the highest expression of our personal power. We courageously

speak our truth and speak up for ourselves, our communities, people in harm’s way,

friends, strangers, animals and/or Earth. We are willing to take a stand. As we do, the

world begins to dramatically change.

It’s essential—especially now when we are in the throes of a global dark night–that all who are able, gather their courage, speak their truth, and fiercely shine their lights. With every word of kindness, truth, and courage, we leave behind the Story of Separation. We come closer to birthing the Story of Our Awakened Hearts that is aching to be born. As women, it can be particularly challenging to use our voices and express our truth, but your voice is needed. So speak your truth, even if your voice shakes. Your voice matters!

History demonstrates that one of the most powerful methods we have to create profound and lasting change is through the marriage of spirituality and activism. This is potent medicine and it’s needed now. From Gandhi to Wangari Maathai to Martin Luther King Jr. to Julia Butterfly Hill, movements grounded in spiritual activism result in evolutionary leaps of social and environmental justice. Although it may not feel like it, this kind of movement is on the rise again. We are ripe for another wave of it to engulf our planet.

So how do we exercise one of the most powerful tools available to us? By becoming a silence breaker in our own communities. At the dinner table. With yourself. Your partner. Your children. With the brother-in-law who drives you crazy. With your neighbor. Before city council. For people in harm’s way. For a stranger. By writing a book. By starting a blog. By courageously expressing your opinion when it flies in the face of the prevailing winds.

Trust me, every time you speak your truth it gets easier. As you speak, let your words be illuminated with the spiritual light in your heart. Let your voice be uncensored and unfiltered yet tempered with the love and joy you envision for the new world where the Story of Our Awakened Hearts prevails. Let every word you speak be saturated with the deep realization that everyone of us is connected to the whole. See and feel your connection to all that is. All beings are sacred. Let your words be compassion in action. Together, let’s breathe life into the new yet ancient story. Compassionate engaged action is needed now more than ever!

Now when I speak (and write), I remind myself that true happiness comes from giving my light full exposure by speaking my truth. Let me tell you, this took practice! It still does. But I am living proof it can be done.


One of the ways I sustain my courage to speak my truth is by using my Spiritual Toolkit. Qigong is one of my favorite tools and in this short video, I offer two simple qigong exercises one called Moon Over the Lake and the other Eating the Moon Cream. We have two full moon lunar eclipses upcoming on June 5 and July 4. If possible, these exercises are great to do outside right under the full moon. If you’re unable to be outside you can still receive all of the benefits. Enjoy!

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