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Taking a Sacred Pause with Earth

As Earth takes a moment to catch her breath and clear her lungs, we remain suspended in that liminal space in between her inhalation and exhalation. What comes next?

For Earth, a necessary sacred pause. A moment to cleanse her overwhelmed rivers, the blood of her body. A moment to clear her energy field and calm her nervous system so she can take a much needed slow, deep, smooth, and gentle breath. A moment to remind us of her beautiful canopy of blue, her crown above. “Oh yes, that’s what a clear blue sky looks like.” A moment to invite the other beings we share this planet with some breathing space too.

But what about us? What comes next for us? Can we take a necessary sacred pause? My heart and prayers go out to those who are suffering and in need and I am volunteering where I can in my community.

But what if those of us who are able joined Earth in this sacred pause? By doing so, we receive two gifts: the ability to step calmly into the unknown and the ability to be open to a new level of awareness. As Einstein said: “You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Sacred pauses are fertile grounds for expanding our consciousness. If we can surrender into them, we become open to inspiration and receive clarity on our next steps.

So what if we truly allowed ourselves to pause to hear Earth’s clarion call this time? She is a living breathing being on her own evolutionary path and is always communicating with us. What if we listened this time?

As we remain suspended during Earth’s sacred time-out, we step further into the unknown, a void where we are neither here nor there. A place where our old ways of being no longer work. Most, if not all of our patterns completely disrupted.

For many of us, being in the unknown is an extremely uncomfortable place filled with fear. We wonder when will this uncertainty end. And for some, when do we wake up from the nightmare?

But what if we joined Earth in this collective sacred pause and used this time to for a deeper inquiry to ask questions like: What no longer sustains me in my life? What patterns in my life are not life-giving? How can I reconnect to this beautiful living, breathing planet and receive her abundant and generous life-giving support? How can I give back to her?

Yet as we ask those questions, inevitably we ask: What does come next? Is the pandemic a harbinger of what life looks like in the future? That is up to us. We can continue with the outdated, dysfunctional patterns that got us into this mess or we can receive, truly hear, and act on this clear wake-up call from Earth.

As you breathe in, pause for a moment before you exhale. Explore this sacred place in between your in breath and out breath. It is a microcosm of infinite possibility filled with clarity and wisdom. It is ready to guide us to co-create the world we know is possible. We just need to pause and listen. If we do, the courage and strength to hear Gaia’s wake-up call will emerge. That’s a given.

Just pause. Just listen. She’s been sending many wake-up calls. With the fierceness of a loving, protective mother, she will send more. Together we can heed the call and muster the courage and strength to act on what we know is true. So join me in this Sacred Pause if you can. It has the potential to profoundly shift the way the future will unfold.

I also invite you to join me for a free one-hour Intro to Qigong created to Relax Your Body, Calm Your Mind, and Let Your Spirit Soar. Qigong is an easy to learn system of self-care and self-healing that combines slow gentle movement, with breath, and intention. It’s one of my favorite grounding and centering practices. I like to say there’s no wrong way to do it! If you’re interested in exploring an easy way to increase energy and reduce stress, click here for a free one-hour Intro to Qigong class with me. I look forward to seeing you and wish you deep peace, relaxation, and clarity as we individually and collectively decide which way to move forward.

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