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Join the Spiritual Wildfire Revolution!

We live in extraordinary times . . . both exceptionally promising and radically uncertain.

As we move closer to a critical turning point we read headlines that the very nature of civilization is at stake if we don’t act now. Or that the sixth mass extinction of plants and animals is occurring at a rate never before seen, mainly as a result of human activity. Or see human injustices that break our hearts.

Yet at the same time we see a worldwide awakening beginning to catch fire. People from all walks of life are rising up around the world. We are hearing the wake-up call and boldly shining our lights. Calling ourselves spiritual warriors, community heroes, rebels, rEvolutionaries, change agents, cultural midwives, lightworkers, etc. we are realizing our authentic power and finding our voices.

We see the current reality for what it really is: an exhausted, outdated mindset designed to fuel a dysfunctional story. If this old story had a name it would be called the Story of Separation and it tells us that we are limited, that solutions are unattainable, and that we dare not dream a new dream! Based in fear, its main message is that we are separate. Separate from nature. Separate from other human beings. Even separate from the authentic truth and light that in fact is always present within us.

But a new story, fueled by a new dream, is emerging. You could call it the Story of Our Awakened Hearts and it’s one whose time has come! Grounded in compassion, justice, and joy, it trusts in the wisdom of the heart. It knows that we are truly all connected: to one another, to all beings, and always connected to the light within us.

The Story of Our Awakened Hearts also trusts that we are capable of the greatest transformation we have yet to experience as human beings: our ability to claim, embody, and use our innate spiritual light to create, as author Charles Eisenstein says, the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”

On occasion we may receive hints of this more beautiful world while gazing at a beautiful sunset, observing another human being act out of deep kindness, or seeing people collectively rise up in the face of injustice. When we witness these acts of kindness and courage, and glimpse at the astonishing beauty that surrounds us, we are reminded of the potential that is our birthright.

Although incredibly uplifting, these reminders don’t adequately convey what’s possible once we leave the old story behind and fully step into the new Story of Our Awakened Hearts. For example, imagine a world where trees, oceans, animals and mountains have rights just as human beings do. Imagine a world where all humans are respected and encouraged to share their gifts and live in joy. What if all of us, including our governments, used love and compassion as the primary tools for making decisions. Impossible? Far from it! While some may believe this is just “pie in the sky”, we were actually born knowing how to transform these “dreams” into practical reality.

Why? Because the complete set of directions for realizing this potential is, and always has been, encoded in our spiritual light. Our spiritual light represents our innate divinity and is a bright reminder of our ability to co-create–with the Universe/God/Source–the world our hearts desire.

What is possible when we fully claim this light? Listen to the answer from your own light. You’ll hear some version of: “You are far more than just skin and bones. Your purpose is far greater than working, eating, and sleeping. The time has come for you to believe in me, because when you do, you’ll remember there is nothing you are incapable of doing.”

Conditions are now ripe for each of us to claim our light and collectively transform the world. Think of it like a spiritual wildfire that compassionately burns away the old story, purifying and preparing the ground for the vibrant seeds of the new story. Within our lifetime. Some of these seeds are already sprouting because of the light that is already pouring down on them! As we rise up to what is surely the ultimately hero’s journey, we will create the more compassionate, socially just, and healthy world our hearts know is possible.

Together we can open our hearts. Together we can heal. Together we can create the world our hearts long for!

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