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Even If It's 20 Degrees and Snowing Outside It's Still a Great Time to Plant Some Seeds

Have you seen the cartoon floating around the Internet where one character observes the other planting? Their exchange unfolds like this:

Why so optimistic about 2019? What do you think it will bring?

I think it will bring flowers.

Yes? How come?

Because I am planting flowers.

This simple cartoon beautifully captures the immense power our thoughts and intentions have to co-create our reality. How we think and feel has a direct connection to what unfolds in every area of our lives.

Considering the power of our thoughts then, it’s always a good time to ask ourselves what seeds of intention we are planting. It’s a basic law of nature that what you plant grows. For example, if you plant an apple tree, you’re going to get an apple tree, not a cherry tree. The same goes for a seed desire or intention of yours for 2019. The same laws of nature in the physical world apply to our inner garden of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. What you plant grows!

For example, imagine a seed in your inner garden programmed with fear. What grows?

Imagine a seed programmed with scarcity. What grows?

Imagine a seed programmed with joy and abundance. What grows?

Now imagine your seed intention filled with all of your hopes, dreams, and wishes for its full flowering, but thoughts of doubt weave in and out of it like weeds destined to strangle its life force energy. You can pull those weeds as much as you like but as long as you keep doubting, those weeds will continue to grow!

For any vegetable or flower gardeners out there, you know how much energy it takes to weed. Let go of the doubt and charge your seed intention with faith. Trust in your own ability and the ability of the universe to provide you with whatever it is you need or desire. It is so much easier!

Another way to look at this cartoon is to understand that the present creates the future. How we use our mind to fuel our intentions is perhaps the most powerful tool we have to create the future. When we fuel those desires with joy and gratitude, we receive joy and gratitude. What was once just a thought or desire in our mind becomes realized in our lives when we nurture it with faith and love. Ultimately, where we place our attention is where our energy flows. Simply put, energy follows thought.

When it comes to our inner garden it doesn’t matter if it’s 20 degrees and snowing outside! It’s always a good time to plant some seeds. What are you planting for 2019? You are the caretaker of your garden. It is up to you to feed your inner garden with love, nurturing your seeds of intention so that they can grow into strong and vital plants. We are the gardeners of our life, of our community, and our planet. What we plant will grow!

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