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Creating Emotional Freedom

Have you ever felt weighed down by past experiences in your life? Do you feel like you carry old emotional energy whether it’s anger, bitterness, sadness, guilt, etc.?

If you do, it’s very likely that your body has found a place to store that emotional energy. It could be anywhere: your heart, your hip, your liver, your lungs, your belly, your knee, etc. Our mind, body, and emotions are intimately connected. In fact, our subconscious stores all unprocessed emotions in our body. What a huge job for our bodies!

I like to think of our emotions as our internal GPS, our personal guidance system. When we listen, heed the messages, and act on their guidance, our lives flow with ease, grace, and freedom. Even anger is an important messenger for us. Think of anger as a sentry, the guard who alerts us when our boundaries have been crossed or when there has been an injustice. Anger, just like any emotion, is there to alert us, to guide us.

It’s how we process that emotion, (or not), that causes the imbalance. Emotions like to move. Ideally they are energy in motion. But if they get stuck, they can become like petrified wood or even feel like heavy rocks inside of us. When that happens, it lowers our energy, and we can feel contracted, constricted, confused, and even depressed. If we don’t move the energy, eventually it may even cause physical illness.

One of my favorite ways to release stuck emotions and move the energy is through a ceremony or a ritual that I call Creating Emotional Freedom. I’ve included the steps below. This is a very powerful process that you can do for yourself. However, if you feel like you might need some assistance in releasing and letting go of old emotional energy that is weighing you down, don’t hesitate to call me for an appointment.

Here are the steps. I am using the emotion anger as the example but these steps can work for any emotion.

  1. Go to a big body of water or a river and find a private spot for yourself.

  2. You can either find some rocks close to the water (any shape or size you want), or you can even bring some with you.

  3. Get in touch with your anger. Doing this exercise in a perfunctory way doesn’t work. Really getting in touch with your anger makes all the difference. This anger can be from any time in your life. You don’t have to relive all of the experiences that caused the anger, just get in touch with the emotion of anger. Notice where you feel it in your body.

  4. Pick up the rocks and blow and scream your anger into the rock.

  5. Then throw it as forcefully as you can into the water.

  6. Do this as many times as you need to. Know that the water will cleanse, clear, and transform the anger into fresh vital energy.

  7. When you’re done, be sure to fill yourself up with something that is personally life affirming to you. Maybe it’s a color, an emotion, the energy from a sacred spot in nature, etc. Take time to fill yourself up, especially in those places in your body where you noticed the anger.

  8. Thank the water for the cleansing, clearing, and healing energy.

  9. Do something really special for yourself in the next 1-2 days.

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