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You're Not Going Crazy! (Part one)

In the last few weeks, when I’ve asked clients how I can best help them, several of them proclaimed: “Please tell me I’m not going crazy!”

All of them were in the midst of making some potentially life-changing decisions that could dramatically alter their lives.

Clearly they were not going crazy, but they were hearing two distinctly different voices: one demanding them to stay put and the other encouraging them to follow their heart and take a risk.

We all have these two voices and they often battle it out inside of us. When we’re in the midst of this internal battle it can feel like we’re going crazy! The question is: which voice do we trust and follow?

When making my own decisions, I notice that each of these voices “live” in two very different places inside of me: one lives in my head and the other in my heart. The voice in my head is very demanding, loud, drenched in fear, and always envisions the worst-case scenario. The voice in my heart is gentle, usually speaks softly, is filled with courage and always envisions the best-case scenario.

The voice in my head has been programmed to keep me “safe” which often translates into being stuck. Because it is so fear-based, any movement outside of my “norm” is akin to moving into the danger zone.

The voice in my heart is actually the truth of who I am. It intimately knows my hopes, dreams, and wishes. It exists to guide me to my greatest good and happiness, which can often mean taking a risk and stepping into the unknown.

Curiously, each client grappling with their own decision-making process was well aware of these two voices. In fact, all of them remembered listening to their heart’s voice as children in their early teens or even earlier, but learned to stifle that voice in order to “fit in better”.

Yet the voice of truth can never be totally stifled. It often comes forward in our later years–in just the nick of time–to help us make the best decision for our highest good. (In reality that voice of truth is always there, we just need to learn to listen to it!)

It is time to move from our heads into our hearts and let the voice of truth be our guide! I’m happy to report that each of my clients listened to their hearts, trusted its voice, took a risk and stepped into the unknown, and is forever grateful they did! As scary as it can feel, moving from your head into your heart is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself–and believe it or not–for your loved ones as well.

In my next blog, learn easy ways to exercise your internal truth muscle. In the meantime, allow yourself some quiet time to get to know that other voice inside of you . . . the one that is your highest and best guide! Nature is always a great place to do just that.

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