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Uplift, Uplevel, and Unleash Your Energy to Create or Expand Your Dream Healing Business!

FREE 5-day masterclass reveals how coaches, healers & visionary entrepreneurs

can have unshakable confidence to create or expand their dream healing business using our unique Wise Woman Method.

Starts Monday March 13 - Friday March 17

Live 1pm ET 

Join for Free and receive the keys to honing your frequency to manifest or expand your dream healing business. (Value $797)

In this Masterclass, Joan will use the combined potency of the Wise Woman Initiation with the ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records to help you align your frequency so you can live your dream of being a wildly successful coach, healer, or visionary entrepreneur!

You will:

  • Learn how to use this ancient manifesting formula: 90% frequency + 10% execution = Desired Outcome

  • Understand how to charge up your frequency and keep it high–without spiritual bypass– so that it's aligned to your fullest potential.

  • Receive coaching via 4 powerful masterclasses on how to trust the deepest well of wisdom available to you and learn to use it to guide you to your highest potential. 

  • Understand why the energy of joy is the highest frequency you can use to create your dream healing business (or whatever you desire.)

  • Experience a potent clearing and healing through the Akashic records to remove obstacles and resistance and ultimately align to your Divine Truth.

  • Leave with easy tools, including qigong, that you can use right away designed to help you stay in the elevated frequency of joy.

Are you ready to uplift, uplevel, and unleash your energy to create or expand your dream healing business?

Your host, Joan D'Argo, CEO of Dare to Shine, Creator of the Wise Woman Initiation, Energy Intuitive, Soul Coach, Qigong Teacher, Akashic Records Channeler. 

Over the last few years, Joan has helped hundreds of people release resistance and blocks holding them back from living their highest potential. In turn, their innate wisdom, power, and purpose is activated so these gifts can be freely expressed. Imagine what that can do for your dream healing business!

You deserve to be thanked richly, for helping us to ask the important questions, and in supporting the very best there is, in this incredibly magical, awe-inspiring world we share. I've said so before, but your simple heartfelt words are very special and have the right vibrational frequency for me, so simply and full of heart.

~Thea B.

Imagine being able to . . .

  • Manifest your deep desire to be a successful spiritual leader in the healing arts and have the impact you know you're meant to

  • Feel completely confident in your wisdom, power, and purpose

  • Trust in your ability to fully express your unique healing gifts

  • Feel inspired and energized because you know you're in alignment with what you came here to do!

  • Have a steady stream of clients because you have complete faith in your abilities.

  • Feel safe to step out of your comfort zone and take risks because you know, without a doubt, the Universe has your back.

If these are your desires, this masterclass is a great starting point to expand and uplevel your frequency AND understand the principles Joan has honed over many years.

Joan will coach you via 5 powerful masterclasses on how to use your personal frequency as the foundation for creating your dream healing business.

It's her treat, her complimentary gift to healers and coaches like you, who are ready to live at their highest potential and confidently express their visionary work in ways that honor their unique gifts . . . without burning out!

We start on Monday, March 13 with a live call from 1-2 pm ET (New York time) and we’ll meet Monday – Friday at the same time each day. Replays are available, so you can tune in at a time that works for you.

If this feels aligned for you, we would love to have you join us! Make sure to save your spot!

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