Take a Deep Dive Into Your Essence
Ignite and Sustain Unshakeable Confidence in Yourself

Want To Really Transform Your Life? Take a deep dive with me!

1:1 Mentoring with Joan

In this Deep Dive Transformation, over the course of 9 months you'll:

Get crystal clear on your unique gifts

Trust in your ability to boldly express these gifts in your own unique way

Get comfortable with uncertainty

Experience personal breakthroughs by greeting fear as a wise messenger

Activate your prosperity channels

Experience the thrill of taking risks because you fully trust in the Universe

Manifest your deepest desires

Get super clear on the difference between your higher self and small self

Expand your intuition by connecting with your Truth

Replace self-doubt with trust . . . in yourself!

Replenish your energy and vitality by establishing clear boundaries

Create a clear and active relationship with Divine Source Energy

Meet the Compassionate Spirit/Helping Guide eager to step forward as

your personal guide during this 9-month transformation

Create your personal spiritual resiliency toolbox to help you maintain the expansion of your frequency and light

Compassion, loving guidance, and support to help you every step of the way!

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(Live monthly 20 minute sessions)
(Live monthly one hour sessions)

Personalized journal prompts
Personalized guided meditations
Tailored "homework" to help shift outdated patterns that no longer serve you

Qigong exercises to help you embody and anchor your transformation 

Personalized rituals to help you release any blocks or impediments preventing you from
stepping into the highest level version of who you can be
This transformational program is tailored specifically to you!

Are you ready to take a deep dive and
activate the fullest expression of who you can be?

You know you're here to make a difference, to be of service, and to boldly shine your light . . . in your home, your community, and/or the world.
Together, let's make your dream a reality!