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Ignite and Sustain Unshakable Confidence in You!
Create Your Dream Business in the Healing Arts

Private Mentoring with Joan

A one-of-a-kind, highly personalized 8-month deep dive, where you receive the alignment keys to live your sacred soul desire of owning or expanding your dream healing arts business. This process we use in this program can be applied to anything you desire in your life.

As an empathic, visionary woman you carry wisdom needed now. The truth is you’re a leader at your core. Your gifts of intuition, sensitivity, and vision are pioneering.

You know in your bones you're meant to share these gifts as a visionary entrepreneur, coach, or healer. There's no more denying this!

Something is stirring within you that says now is your time to shine like you never have before . . . to embody the fullest expression of who you are.

To wholeheartedly live that dream of yours in a way that joyfully fills you up.
THINK: Having unshakable confidence in who you are and the gifts you have to offer. What would that do for your business?

Imagine being able to . . .

★ Manifest your deep desire to be a successful leader in the healing arts and have the impact you know you're meant to

★ Feel completely confident in your wisdom, power, and true purpose

★ Trust in your ability to fully express your unique healing gifts

★ Feel inspired and energized because you know you're in alignment with what you came here to do!

★ Have a steady stream of clients because you have complete faith in your abilities

★ Feel safe enough to step out of your comfort zone and take risks because you know the Universe really does have your back

Like our client who was afraid to let herself be fully seen in her gifts, kept herself hidden, and is now preparing to open a metaphysical business.

Or our client who never dared to believe she had healing gifts, even dismissed the idea, and is now expanding her business as a yoga teacher and spiritual guide.

Or our client who kept telling herself she wasn't good enough, needed more training, and is now mentoring others so they too can stand confidently in their light and live their dreams.


Nothing is impossible when you're in alignment with what you came here to do!

Ignite and Sustain Unshakable Confidence in You


is a one-of-a-kind 8-month deep dive where you will receive the alignment keys to live your sacred soul desire of owning or expanding your dream healing arts business. You'll know without a doubt your true value. You'll learn to confidently express your visionary work in ways that honor your unique gifts . . . and you’ll become the leader you were born to be! All within a sacred container of compassion, loving guidance, and support to help you every step of the way.  

It's time to freely shine your light!


When You Say YES to
Ignite and Sustain Unshakable Confidence in You

​we'll get started by tapping into your dream. We want to know all about it. We’ll help you understand, without a doubt, that you are so worthy of living it. If you’re not yet clear on what exactly your dream business in the healing arts is, no worries! We’ll help you uncover and discover how to bring forward your gifts in the most aligned way for you. We'll also help you collapse timelines and release self-doubt so your dream moves onto the fast track . . . of course in a way that honors your natural rhythm.

Here's our flow:

★ 8 monthly 1-hour Activation Sessions to align your body, mind, spirit and emotions to your fullest potential! (Value $7500)

These laser coaching tailor-made sessions include your Wise Woman Initiation and may also include energy clearing sessions, energy attunements for alignment, qigong exercises, personalized journal prompts, homework to help you release patterns that no longer serve, and personalized rituals to help you release any blocks that may be holding you back from fully expressing what you're here to do. You’ll also receive personalized guidance on the six steps in my popular group coaching program, Stand Confident in Your Light.

★ 8 monthly 20–30-minute Integration Sessions (Value $3200)  Designed to help you maintain momentum, integrate, and embody the shifts and changes in your Activation Sessions.

Bonus #1: Stand Confident in Your Light the Wise Woman Way (Value $1,000)

8 pre-recorded live 90-minute classes where you learn the 6 steps to transform anxiety, overwhelm, and self-doubt into confidence and inspiration.

★ ​Bonus #2: Qigong for Empaths (Value $150), an 8-week pre-recorded live class. Qigong for Empaths is an easy and joyful way to let go of other peoples' energy so your light can shine bright and clear! Feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and recharged.

Bonus #3: Start Your Day the Wise Woman Way (Value $150), a 30-minute video that guides you through each step of a simple morning ritual that transforms your life.

Total Value of the 8-month Ignite and Sustain Unshakable Confidence in You: Create Your Dream Business, w/Bonuses: $12,000

I am so thrilled to help women step confidently into their wisdom, power, and purpose with the tools I’ve honed over the years. And I’m totally inspired to help make your dream come true. I want to make this an easy yes for you! So I've created some deep savings.

Investment Option 1: Pay in Full Savings:

Pay in full for $2700. If you choose to pay in full, you receive an extra bonus!

Pay in Full Bonus: An in-depth Akashic Records Reading of your dream business. (Value $300)

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

Investment Option 2: Pay as You Profit:


A spacious pay-as-you-profit plan: 8 payments of $375

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

Dandelion birds green.jpg

You are a visionary,

intuitive old soul.

You are meant to share your gifts . . . in ways that inspire,

bring you joy, and abundance.

It's time to make your

dream a reality.

Together, let’s make your

dream come true!

If you have any questions or would like to set up a short zoom call for more details, please email Joan at the link below.

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