The Courage To Answer the Call, Act on It and Become the Hero of Your Own Life

by Joan D'Argo

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in northern

Michigan. From all outward appearances she seemed like your

typical “normal” woman living an ordinary life. She certainly had her fair share of trials and tribulations, but for the most part she was comfortable.But as time passed, she kept wondering if perhaps there might be something more in store for her.


Little by little she began to hear a calling. It came from inside

herself. It was a message, maybe from her Soul, and it kept

whispering: “There’s more available for you.” It was a very deep impulse that kept bubbling up. It would not let go of her. She had heard that everyone was born with gifts and so she asked herself: “What if that message really is from my Soul and it’s telling me it’s time to unwrap and express the gifts I was born with?” But she didn’t quite believe her own  words and even thought herself a little crazy. But her Soul kept whispering and when she became very still and deeply listened, it sounded like an unsung song whose words and tune were longing to be remembered, released and expressed.


To be honest, she wasn’t totally sure what her gifts were. But she knew of people that seemed to be living their heart’s desire. And the world they lived in was quite different than the world she lived in. It was as if they were living their lives in full color instead of the dull, monochromatic, and even frustrating, discordant tones of her life. Their world was filled with magic, joy, fulfillment, serenity,

creativity and peace. They seemed to resonate on a higher frequency for extended periods of time.


Oh, yes of course, she had experienced these states of being on occasion. But something inside her longed to fully step into this world, a world she currently felt separated from. And on those infrequent occasions when she allowed herself to hear the call, she noticed she became very excited.


Funny though, as time went on, she would try and try to not hear the call. But as much as she tried, she could not silence it. In fact, the more she tried, the louder it became. At first she pretended that she didn’t hear it. The next time when the call came in, she picked up the phone, screamed “Hell no!” and quickly slammed it down. At one point, she picked up the phone, listened, and even though she wanted to move forward, she felt so stuck that she just couldn’t move for the life of her!


In spite of all her False Evidence Appearing Real – otherwise known as Fear – she decided to venture into this other world and with that began her own personal, unique journey. With great effort and more reluctance than a teenager being roused at 6am on a Saturday morning, she picked herself up, shook off her Victim cape, donned her Hero cape, and answered the Call to Adventure, embarking on the Path to Her Unrealized Potential.


She hoped this path would be an easy stroll in the park, but truth be told, it felt more like The Road of Unending Trials and Tribulations, filled with obstacles she never even dreamed of. Often, the False Evidence Appearing Real made her feel like throwing down her gauntlet. And although she never threw it down, many times she would fall. But her strength and devotion to herself was growing and each time she fell, she would get back up and continue on her Path to Her Unrealized Potential.


To make it even worse, several of the people that were the closest to her – some family and friends – told her she was acting strange, “out of character”. She never let those words get the best of her, but on her darkest days you could find her curled up in a pile in her bed staring out into the abyss. Gremlins, dragons, and other fearful creatures (all conjured up by her own mind), challenged her along the way. Courage and belief in herself were her strongest allies at this time. She learned how to move forward in spite of the fear she was feeling. In her core, she knew she was being initiated into her Inner Hero, and it was there she would find that unexpressed gift.


She noticed that each time she trusted the Soul messages from her heart, she stepped into more joy. The Universe would open unexpected doors. Unexpected helpers came into her life, including people of similar interests and passions. She became adept at reading the signs the Universe sent her way and would act on them, with faith and courage. As her confidence grew, so did her intuition. Little by little she began to realize she truly was supported.


But just when she thought she could actually see, feel, sense, and even embody Her Unrealized Potential, the most challenging obstacle of all appeared. She felt like throwing in the towel, giving up. This was too much to bear. It was as if she was entering into the Deepest Darkest Cave of No Return. And as scary as that felt, she decided to face this fear too. And when she did, it became considerably less threatening, especially when she showered herself with compassion and love. Surviving this ordeal changed her from the inside out. She emerged with this life-changing wisdom, fully embodying and expressing that gift she was born to express.


On her return to the Ordinary World, she had the most profound insight. She realized that this magical world that helped her Realize Her Potential and Express Her Gift–the one that she felt separated from–always was and always is available to her. In fact, the magic was always within her to begin with. She now knew what it meant to resonate at a high frequency indefinitely. Although many call this feeling bliss, to her it felt like a deep serenity. Sure, she still had her ups and downs. But every time she went down, she called upon her inner Hero and picked herself back up again. Each time she did this, it got easier. And with every passing day she continued to express Her Gift. Her heart was very happy.


Part of her wanted to guard this gift and keep it safe and close to her heart. (Truth be told, she was a little afraid to share this gift in the Ordinary World.) But she knew that is not what heroes do. So

being the hero she now was, she boldly and courageously shared her gift to all who were receptive. Each time she did, her joy and fulfillment increased. It also created fertile ground for other gifts and new songs to emerge within her. As she boldly expressed her gifts, others were inspired to express theirs too. And all of her songs, all of her gifts, now resonate out into the Universe, forever uplifting and changing it for the highest good of all.

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