3 Essential Self-Care tools 
for the 21st century
Spiritual Light Warrior


 If there was ever a time calling out for us to hone our spiritual resilience and sharpen our spiritual tools, it's now. Keeping our lights bright requires a non-negotiable commitment to using them. It’s an essential life skill.

Without a well-tended inner spiritual fire, our frequency drops, we lose all sense of direction, become imbalanced, and even burn out. Through the regular use of spiritual tools, our light stays bright, steady, clear, and energized, even during the most challenging times. As author James Hillman says, “you get from the fire only what the fire is fed.” If our goal is to ignite a worldwide spiritual wildfire, the strength of that fire hinges on our ability to keep our individual fires stoked and burning brightly. The worldwide spiritual wildfire is only as strong as our individual flames. Shine on! 

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3 of my favorite tools:
  • be still and listen
  • move your body
  • choose joy



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