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3 Essential Self-care Tools

for the 21st Century Spiritual Warrior

If you’re someone who’s dedicated to co-creating a new world

based on compassion, wisdom, joy, and justice for all,

then you probably know how essential a Spiritual Toolbox is!


In fact, if there was ever a time calling out for us to hone our spiritual resilience

and sharpen our spiritual tools, it’s now!

Spiritual warriors are in high demand right now.


Because in order to be effective, we need to keep our frequency high and our lights bright

so we don't burn out . . . so we can help shepherd in the new world we all know is possible.


In this 45-minute downloadable video, I share with you 3 tools in my spiritual toolbox:

Move Your Body, Be still and Listen, and Choose Joy.

Yes, choosing joy is one of my major spiritual tools!

Just click here for your free gift.

Thank you!