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Dare to Shine!

How to Use Your Light to Help Ignite a Worldwide Spiritual Wildfire

Dear Visionary,

I know that you believe a more beautiful world is possible  . . . 


One based on compassion, wisdom, justice, and joy.


I also know that deep in your heart . . . you know that you were born to help make this possible!


Now. In our lifetime.


someone . . .

...that knows there's a huge shift occurring in the world and

would like to make a difference but maybe not sure how.

Or you long to share your gifts to help

co-create this new world that is aching to be born.


You know in your bones there’s more to life than what you currently experience.


You sometimes (or maybe often) feel the pain of the epic times we live in

and desire empowering, practical tools to help you maintain your balance and center.

And crave a sacred community of like-minded people . . . people who call themselves

spiritual warriors, rebels, rEvolutionaries, change agents, cultural midwives, lightworkers, etc., . . . people who want to help shepherd in this new world.

You deeply love Earth and want to embody the

truth, beauty and magic of what life was truly meant to be!

You believe that a world based on compassion, wisdom, justice, and joy

is not only possible, it's our destiny.


If so, you’re in the right place!  

If you're ready to claim your innate superpower power to co-create
the radical change we need now . . . 

And if you're ready to ground your deep spiritual desire

for a more beautiful world into concrete action . . .

And  join with others to be the spiritual change agent

you know you were born to be . . .

Then this program is for you!

Here's what this course covers:

  • Learn why the combination of spirituality and activism is by the far the most powerful method to create desired change.

  • Realize the unprecedented power of claiming your spiritual light as the human species prepares for a quantum evolutionary leap.

  • Joyfully and clearly understand your role as a Spiritual Warrior, rEvolutionary, Cultural Midwife, Change Agent, Rebel, etc. to help birth this new world into being.

  • Invite your heart to awaken to its full potential so you can live the life of your dreams.

  • Learn empowering practical tools to help you strengthen and maintain your center as we navigate the uncharted waters we're moving into

  • Create a spiritual toolbox that really works for you.

  • Learn a gentle form of movement called Qigong to help you embody your spiritual light.

  • Understand that miracles are our birthright and how to be curious and expect them.

  • Experience the joy of being part of a supportive, non-judgmental community dedicated to creating a compassionate world. 

  • Learn specific ways to dream a new world into being for yourself, your community, and the world.

  • Claim your role as a beacon of light and share these teachings with others if you desire.

  • Learn how to let go of the consensus trance designed to keep us playing small.

Here's What You Learn in the 11 Modules:


Module 1

The Story of Our Awakened Hearts v.

The Story of Separation

  • The Story of Separation keeps us stuck in a consensus trance. How to shake it off so we can fully wake up to the Story of Our Awakened Hearts.

  • The 3 Myths of the consensus trance and how it’s designed to keep us asleep at the wheel.

  • 5 Ways to Jumpstart and/or Expand our Awakening Process

  • Tools to release limiting beliefs about ourselves, our communities, and the world.

  • What is possible when we choose to fully wake up and live the Story of Our Awakened Hearts?

  • The Role of the Awakened Spiritual Warrior


Module 3 

The 21st Century Spiritual Light Warrior's Toolbox

  • Understand why a well-stocked Spiritual Toolbox is absolutely essential, especially in this day and age!

  • Create a Toolbox that Works for You

  • Why Devoting Yourself to Your Spiritual Tools Makes All the Difference in the World 

  • Joan shares her 11 key spiritual tools

  • Vertical Alignment v. Horizontal Alignment

  • Fall down seven times, get up eight!

Earth with sunrise.jpg

Module 5

Darkness as a Catalyst for Light:

Meltdown, Transformation and Rebirth

  • Why personal dark nights of the Soul are profound catalysts for transformation

  • Why the collective dark night we are currently experiencing is also a profound catalyst for transformation

  • What to do when it feels like your light has gone out

  • Experiencing our collective light in ways never before imagined

  • Ancient prophecies of our time

  • Action Steps for the 21st Century Spiritual Light Warrior


Module 7

Transforming Our Grief, Sadness, Anxiety,
Anger and Fear into Powerful Action

  • Honoring our feelings as our personal guidance system 

  • The value of allowing our hearts to break open to help heal ourselves and the world

  • Tools to calm and re-center ourselves and so we don’t numb or burn out.

  • Learn the difference between acting from joy v. acting from fear

  • Understand why joy is an act of moral resistance and how to find it even when your heart is breaking

  • Understanding the Really Big Picture and how to surrender to Divine Timing


Module 2

At Our Core We Are Spiritual Beings of Light:

It's Time We Owned It!

  • Understand why your spiritual light is your greatest superpower and why the words “I’m only human” don’t work in this day and age anymore.

  • Uncover and use the treasure of your own HeartLight to guide you.

  • Learn how to expand your capacity to love from a limited circle of human beings to all beings.

  • Learn empowering, practical tools to help you claim and embody your spiritual light. 

  • Learn why claiming your own light automatically elevates the frequency of everyone and everything around you 

  • Discover why your awakened light is necessary for the greatest transformation we have yet to experience as human beings


Module 4

Receive All of Who You Are: Claim Your Light

  • We are golden by nature. Learn how to claim your light as the highest expression of who you are

  • Learn why blocking your light is a waste of time

  • Believing in and claiming your light goes way beyond an intellectual experience

  • How wake up calls can crack our veneer and invite us to shine

  • Meet Your Light – Core Star Guided Meditation

climate strike image.jpg

Module 6

The Spiritual Ideal of Our Era is Action!

  • What is Sacred Activism? 

  • Discover why speaking your truth is the highest expression of your personal power.

  • Learn tools to help you speak your truth, even if your voice shakes!

  • Learn about tipping points and why even tiny actions have great significance.

  • Become a silence breaker in your own community

  • What it means to lead with compassion


Module 8

Be Curious Expect Miracles

  • What is a miracle?

  • Doubt v. Certainty

  • The Power of Asking “What If?”

  • There is always magic in the air - listening to the deep well of wisdom within us 

  • Discover why–in the quantum nature of reality–we are hardwired for miracles.

  • Transfiguration: What’s possible when we shapeshift into our light?

  • What if the miracles we see today are simply the natural evolution of our human species evolving into our latent potential?


Module 9

Using Our Light to Prepare for a

Quantum Evolutionary Leap

  • Identifying your role in the greatest transformation our species has yet to experience 

  • Discover how and where your passion for birthing the new story can be best channeled.

  • Can we create heaven on Earth?

  • Understand why we are not fated to any outcome and the power of claiming our divinity and rising up!

  • Boldly stepping into the unknown with faith and courage

  • Discover what's possible when we understand the infinite possibilities of living in the 21st century quantum world


Module 10

Reach for the Stars and Dream a New Dream

  • We were all born with dreams inside of us. The times are calling for us to remember them, and to dream big! For yourself . . . and most definitely the world.

  • How to dream a new world into being and actually live it.

  • Learn how your dream can be an extension of your true nature: a spiritual light being capable of co-creating miracles.

  • Learn how to let your dream move beyond your personal identity and connect with a broader dream for the greatest good of all.

  • Learn how to not fall back into the consensus trance that would have us believe that our dreams are not possible.

children laughing.jpg

Module 11

Celebrate! Experience Joy. Give Thanks and Gratitude. What You Appreciate, Appreciates!

  • Learn why fostering joy is an act of moral resistance

  • Connect with your tribe: Create alliances with others to exponentially magnify your power

  • Discover why the 21st Century Spiritual Warrior gives thanks and gratitude for something that has not yet materialized.

  • Learn ancient spiritual tools for believing your dreams to be so and simultaneously letting go.

  • Celebrate! “A spiritual revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!"

Here's How It Works

It's Time To Boldly Shine Our Radiant Lights consists of 11 LIVE classes

that meet every 2 weeks.

Class begins on Wednesday March 25.

We meet every other Wednesday at 1pm New York time.

Each class will consist of 60-90 minutes of live teaching with an

additional 30 minutes of live personal coaching and questions.

We'll come together in the Spiritual Wildfire Community every 2 weeks.

If you're unable to make the live class,

you can review the recording of the class at your convenience.

The class is yours to keep.

In each class, a new tool will be presented.

We'll have a private online space to communicate with each other.


You're encouraged to ask questions about how these lessons can come alive in your own life.

You're also welcome to share your insights, challenges, and breakthroughs

with others in the LIVE Q&A with Joan. During the live classes, you can receive coaching from me

in the group setting and we can troubleshoot any issues that come up.


You’ll learn & be inspired by what your classmates share.

It often mirrors what you’re experiencing and helps you to expand in new directions!


Register by choosing your payment option below. Choose full pay (best value!) or the easy 3-month installment plan.

It's Time to Boldly Shine Our Radiant Lights: How to Shine Your Light to
Co-Create the World You Know is Possible

Regular Price: $499

Special Limited Time Price: $379!

Registration is open until March 14. Reserve your spot now!

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3 Great Bonuses upon registration!

  • The complete set of interviews from the Spiritual Wildfire Summit, an extraordinary compilation of 24 thought leaders sharing their wisdom and insights about the epic times we live in and how we can co-create a new world. Value: $219

  • Qigong to Increase Energy and Reduce Stress. A 60-minute qigong class with Joan Value: $150

  • 3 Essential Self-Care Tools for the 21st Century Spiritual Warrior. If you're a Spiritual Warrior, Rebel, rEvolutionary, Lightworker dedicated to creating a new world based on compassion, wisdom, joy, and justice for all, a Spiritual Toolbox is essential. In this video, Joan shares 3 of her favorite spiritual tools: Move Your Body, Be Still and Listen, and Choose Joy. Self-care creates resiliency, a necessary quality for these challenging times! In this 45-minute video Joan shares and demonstrates 3 of her favorite self-care tools tools to help you remain calm and centered during these transformational times! Value: $125

Total value of this program: $968

Added bonus! The first 7 people who register receive a free 1:1 coaching/healing session with Joan!

About Your Teacher
Joan doing qigong.jpg
Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!
I’m Joan D’Argo, the founder of the Spiritual Wildfire Academy.


I am a certified soul coach, published author, and certified qigong teacher dedicated to creating a world grounded in compassion, wisdom, justice, and joy. I’ve been a practitioner of the healing arts for almost twenty years and a lover of Earth since I was born. Prior to working full-time in the healing arts, I worked for Greenpeace International for ten years. Essentially, I love to help transform highest potential into joyful reality.


I created the Spiritual Wildfire Academy, a global community resource, for anyone who is ready to use their own light to help ignite the worldwide spiritual wildfire we need now. My coaching programs, events, and online programs offer inspiration, practical tools, and a welcoming community for anyone who is ready to claim their true awakened potential and use it to their fullest ability. My successful group mentoring program, Intuitive Energy Medicine: Helping You Open Your Gifts by Creating Expansion, Healing and Joy has helped hundreds of people.


One of my gifts is compassionately guiding you to release outdated stories that hold you back so that you can step into what really makes you come alive. As your awakened light is ignited it dramatically increases the light on our beautiful planet. As we wake up to our true potential, each one of us has a role to play in the monumental shift that is occurring on our planet now. When we join together, there is nothing we are incapable of doing.


That is what the Spiritual Wildfire Community is about: each one of us realizing our magnificent potential and rising up together to create as Charles Eisenstein says, “The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”


If starts with each one of us. As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. If you’re ready to let go of old, outdated stories either about yourself or our Earth, you’re in the right place! Welcome to the Spiritual Wildfire Global Community!

The content of this class–"It's Time to Boldly Shine Our Radiant Lights"–is based on my forthcoming book: It's Time to Boldly Shine Our Radiant Lights: How to Ignite the Worldwide Spiritual Wildfire We Need Now I can't wait to share this information with you!


Your teachings stand out. Your passion for healing and sharing your gifts is infectious which causes me to listen and absorb as much as I can. This year has changed my life. You healed wounds and opened up infinite possibilities!



There is such an amazing connection I feel with this group. I feel safe to feel and share my true feelings. 

Mary Jo

What if I could convey the magnitude of goodness that the Intuitive Mentoring Program has brought into my life? You offered so much to create meaningful experiences. I express so much gratitude for the organized and well prepared handouts, teachings, and exercises, your spontaneous flexibility, your graceful humility, breadth of knowledge, aways "on" intuition, thoughtful written feedback, delicious and nourishing snacks, generous sharing, and attending so compassionately to our spirits! I will carry my experience with me the rest of my life! Thank you for helping me anchor the question, "Am I listening with love?" into my being! This one year journey has been a deep blessing. With love and basketfuls of appreciation.



Thank you thank you, Joan! You have developed wonderful content and I am so grateful for you. Your teaching skills are amazing and your energy and intuition are so beautiful.



Your mentoring program has taught me so much! I have learned to calm myself in stressful and intense situations. I breathe, I listen, I think more and say less until I collect my thoughts. I react less both at work and in personal relationships. I don’t seem to cry as much or get as lonely.


I am so glad I met you Joan. You have been a godsend in my life. You are such a beautiful person. I have grown so much in this mentoring program. Wow! What a difference you have made in my life!



Your mentoring program has been the most amazing thing to come into my life in a long time! I can better understand my sensitivity. I can bring better peace of mind to myself and to others. I trust my intuition better. I’m picking up more on the little positive things.


Thank you for the inspiration, belief, sacred space, wisdom and laughter. You are a light of joy in my life. I feel stronger having been a part of your mentoring group this last year. More connected and confident. Thank you seems too small.