The sessions I offer help you step into the fullest expression who you are. They create expansion, growth, freedom, and joy! You can fall in love with your life! If you are ready, I am here to joyfully guide you.

"You've changed lives! Especially mine and I'm grateful." ~Robin


Ignite Your Inner Fire

Soul Coaching Sessions


Are you ready to discover, unwrap and open your gifts . . .

and share them with yourself, your family, your community and/or the world?


Ignite your Inner Fire Soul Coaching sessions help you align your outer life with your inner spiritual life. As you become more aligned with your true nature, mental and emotional clutter is cleared so you can hear the messages from your Soul, . As you gain clarity, you discover your purpose so you can live your life filled with joy!


Are you ready to clear away inner debris so you can easily connect with the

truth, beauty, and magic of who your really are?


The understanding of who you are can never be told by another. It is only when you reach into the wellspring of your being that the truth of the soul springs forth.


As it does, the life you were meant to to live life unfolds in magical ways.


The Soul Loves the Truth!


As you remember who you truly are, stagnant energy is released from your body, mind, and spirit, creating freedom for more of your own light to shine forth. As this happens, you feel clear about who you are. You feel inspired. You have faith and courage in your ability to move forward with joy fueling your path. You fall in love with your life. Ignite Your Inner Fire sessions catalyze the fullest expression of who you really are. You can fall in love with your life! If you’re ready, I am here to joyfully guide you!

What keeps us from living joyful and fulfilled lives? Often we are stuck in the past or worried about the future. Or we are letting our “small self” our “gremlin”–the one saturated with fear–be the commander of our lives. 

When we have the courage and confidence to fully claim our unique gifts, our energy skyrockets which automatically raises the frequency of everyone around us! By doing this, the entire world benefits. It’s a win-win-win! 

Are you interested in exploring how you can light your Soul on fire?

If so, schedule a free 30 minute 1:1 Ignite Your Inner Fire Discovery Session.

Here's what some of Joan's students are saying: 

"I felt your light, and it brings me such comfort.  We all have gifts, and your gift has freed me to really be open to all my light, and send my light to others.  It brings such joy."  - Alice R.

​"I began working with Joan because I wanted to heal my body and deepen my spiritual practices. I knew the two were connected, sought out someone that would guide me through this, and was so fortunate to find Joan.

Working with Joan has been an amazing adventure. Her knowledge of energy healing, psychic and intuitive abilities, and connecting on a personal level make every session one of inner knowing, growing and healing.

Joan’s energy is one of love and compassion, and this is not only felt during our time together, but before and after our sessions as well. She has an extensive tool box of methods to guide and empower, and readily shares all she knows.

When I began working with Joan my body was fatigued and in pain, I had lots of anxiety, and was not feeling hopeful for my future. I now have much less pain and anxiety, have more energy, and feel joyful and optimistic.

Working with Joan has inspired me to explore and cultivate my own healing abilities for myself and others, and she continues to support me as I venture into these new experiences. I feel extremely grateful that Joan is my spiritual guide, intuitive healer and mentor."  - Karen C.


Awaken Your Inner Healer

Personal Healing Sessions

Our natural state of health is one of unlimited energy and vitality. But often unresolved trauma and blocked emotions impede the flow of the fullest expression of our energy and light. When this stagnant energy sets into your body, the result is often disease and pain.


But often the pain has a life-changing and deeply healing message for you. I’m here to guide you to meet it, receive its wisdom, and then release it. As this happens trauma, blocked emotions, ancestral wounds, and self-limiting beliefs are released clearing the way for your naturally radiant light to shine. Your Inner Healer is awakened. Blocks are removed. Challenges are overcome. Your body remembers and integrates its natural state of energy and vitality.

Even during the most challenging times there is always a deep source of wisdom and strength within you, patiently waiting for you to call on it. But when you’re in the thick of it, accessing this can be tough. Through my highly developed intuitive skills, I compassionately guide you every step of the way. Because each person is unique, no two sessions are the same and yet every session results in deep healing, freedom, and a profound understanding of the wisdom contained in your body.


Here's what some of Joan's students are saying: 

"Joan helped me to strengthen and trust my intuition. I learned that I doubted my intuition to the extent it created anxiety. Today my intuition is a trusted guide and close friend. Joan guided me to ground myself and stay connected to a divine source. This was a foundational practice for me. If you are looking for an authentic person for your healing you have found her."   - Theresa T.

"You deserved to be thanked richly, for helping us to ask the important questions, and in supporting the very best there is, in this incredibly magical, awe inspiring world we share.  I’ve said so before, but your simple heart felt words are very special and have the right vibrational frequency for me, so simply and full of heart."  - Thea B.

"Your mentoring and guidance helped me create healing space. You are a powerful light being, and I’m forever grateful for you."  - Cathy A.


Meditation Made Easy

through flowing gentle movement


Being in the present moment is not as elusive as you may think. Sometimes called moving meditation, Qigong helps us get there, and for many it's a lot easier than sitting! I like to say there’s no wrong way to do it.


Qigong (pronounced Chee gung) is an easy to learn system of self-care and self-healing that combines slow gentle movement, with breath and intention. When we practice Qigong, we tap into the universal life force energy that flows through everything and is everything. This field is infinitely infused with health and vitality.


It’s said that the hinges of an active door never rust. It's true isn't it? Our bodies are meant to move and flow! We just weren't designed to live a sedentary life. Finding a form of movement that you love to practice makes all the difference in your life.

I’ve been practicing and teaching Qigong for fifteen years and am grateful to be certified to teach Qigong by two amazing teachers: Daisy Lee, creator of Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women and Deborah Davis who taught me Snake Qigong. For 7 years now, I’ve also studied extensively with Lee Holden.

learn how to relax your body,

calm your mind, and let your spirit soar!



Experience the transformative, healing power of Qigong


If you’re ready to...

  • open up to health, happiness and vitality

  • increase your energy and reduce stress

  • Increase calm and reduce anxiety

  • learn easy ways to ground and center

  • learn what it means to deeply relax

  • become more comfortable and confident in your own body

  • and increase your balance

...then I invite you to explore the easy method of Qigong with me



Qigong has changed my life. It can change yours too!


Are you interested in exploring how Qigong can create more ease and flow in your life?

If so, schedule a free 30 minute session with me to learn how Qigong can transform your life.

Here's what some of Joan's students are saying: 

"Thank you so much for offering this course. I so appreciate your energy, how compassionate and gentle and accepting you are. I love how you help synthesize and connect. I love that even a few minutes or moments using these techniques helps me shift and return to love."

"You are a great selfless teacher!!"

"Joan, I must say that I love the way you teach. I felt each teaching with so much open-heartedness, kindness and generosity. Even your voice is soothing. You had a way of making me feel at ease even as a beginner.  Thanks to you, I have acknowledge the importance of keeping my body in movement. I have discovered Qigong as a gentle yet powerful way in achieving this objective. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Joan’s calming effect, the relaxed atmosphere and the close group relationship made for an excellent class!"

"Like a hollow bamboo in the wind, we adapt to everyday pressures using the movement techniques from Qigong classes with Joan. The movements are fun and relaxing, and have helped to lower my blood pressure and noticeably improve my balance. Joan’s classes affirm my ability to let go of tension. My Qi flows and stress dissolves! Thanks Joan."

"After each Qigong class, I feel rejuvenated! The class sets the tone for the rest of my week."

"Attending Joan’s Qigong class gave me a sense of peace and total relaxation. Rather than feeling tired, I felt totally refreshed!"

"The way Joan teaches is very accepting and encouraging."