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Private Sessions

Even during the most challenging times there is always a deep source of wisdom and strength within us, patiently waiting for us to call on it. But when we’re in the thick of it, it can be tough to access. Sometimes we need a guide, someone who can shine a light to illuminate the pathway home to our true selves. To help us remember why we’re here . . .

We are all born with unique gifts and are here to open these gifts, to share them, and to step into the truth, beauty, and magic of who we really are. When we have the courage and confidence to do this, our energy skyrockets which automatically raises the frequency of everyone around us! By doing this, the entire world benefits. It’s a win-win-win! 

What keeps us from living joyful and fulfilled lives? Often we are stuck in the past or worried about the future. Or we are letting our “small self” our “gremlin”–the one saturated with fear–be the commander of our lives. 

The healing sessions I offer combine my highly developed intuitive skills with hands on healing, guided visualization, and body-centered deep relaxation. During these sessions, deep insights about yourself are accessed. Sometimes I’m guided to help you set clear boundaries so that you can step into your authentic power. Sometimes I’m guided to help you meet your power animal. And sometimes the pain inside your body has a life-changing message for you and I’m guided to help you meet it and release it.

Because each person is unique, no two healing sessions are the same. Underlying every session though is a deep well of compassion and kindness for the journey you are on. 

As you remember who you truly are, stagnant energy is released from your body, mind, and spirit, creating freedom for more of your own light to shine forth. As this happens, you feel clear about who you are. You feel inspired. You have faith and courage in your ability to move forward with joy fueling your path. You fall in love with your life! Ultimately, the sessions I offer help you step into the full expansion, growth, and freedom that is your birthright. You can fall in love with your life! If you are ready, I am here to guide you.


Sessions are available via the phone or in person. Both are equally valuable. In person sessions are available at either my Traverse City, MI or Cedar, MI offices.

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Feel free to contact me regarding scheduling an appointment or with any questions you may have. I usually return emails within 24 hours.