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Open-Hearted Fierceness

Uplift, Uplevel, & Unleash Your Energy

to Co-Create the Life You Desire

Tuesday, October 10

6pm - 7:30 New York time

Via Zoom


If you are a heart-centered conscious co-creator,

ready to amplify your soul's gift into the world,

then join Jessica Merwin and Joan D'Argo for this richly transformational event,

where you will learn to embody your next level of ease, flow, and prosperity.

During this evening, you'll receive:

  • An easy way to ground, center, and receive Universal Life Force Energy


    Experience heart coherence and learn an easy Shakti Kriya movement 

  • Have an opportunity to share your dreams for yourself and the world

  • Learn a couple of easy Qigong movements to help you release anything that no longer serves.

You'll leave with an expanded awareness of your dream for yourself and the world,

and learn of an incredible opportunity to join with other like-minded individuals to wholeheartedly say yes to your dream and be ready to fully live it!


Jessica Merwin is a Coherence Coach®. She teaches the ancient technologies of Kundalini Yoga and the new science of HeartMath® Heart Coherence to bring the body into a state of harmony (or coherence).

Joan in office_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Joan D'Argo is an advanced energy intuitive, soul coach, Akashic Records reader, and qigong teacher.

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