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Shine Your Radiant Light!

You were born with an amazing light.
In fact, at your core you are pure light.
Your light carries all of the gifts
you are meant to share.
Although it may feel at times like
your light has dimmed,
there is nothing – absolutely nothing –
that can diminish it. It is time to
unapologetically shine your light
as bright as you can. For your own good,
and for the highest good of all!
 Embody Your Light . . . Be the Light
with Joan D'Argo,
Mind Body Spirit Medicine,
Energy Intuitive, Teacher and Soul Coach

Qigong for Healing and

Living Fully

Fire Element - Summer Joy

New classes start June 6

No previous experience necessary. All welcome.

Mind Body Spirit Medicine is a unique, deeply healing approach tailored to each individual. It is integrated and holistic, drawing upon the infinite light and wisdom already within you. Personal sessions are especially helpful if:
  • You're feeling stuck
  • You're wanting to let go of old patterns that are holding you back from living a happy life
  • You're in a transition and unsure about your future
  • You're dealing with a health issue or crisis
  • You feel like there is something more for you but you're not sure what that is
  • You have anxiety and/or depression
  • You're empathic and sometimes feel like an emotional sponge
  • You're feeling intuitively pulled to connect more deeply with yourself
  • You want to clear blocks and remove stagnant energy that keep you feeling small, limited, scared, lonely, and separate
  • You're ready to let go of trauma that has been holding you back
  • You want to be more spiritually fulfilled
To find out more and to schedule a session click here.

Grounding, Centering and Moving into Your Column of Light are some of the most valuable energetic tools available to us. But what does it mean to be centered? Where is your center? Enjoy this free guided meditation to help you experience first hand the benefits of standing in your own center completely supported!

Grounding, Centering, and Moving into Your Column of Light - Joan D'Argo
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I am here to facilitate and help deepen your connection to your own healing

life force energy so that your radiant light can shine effortlessly!


Joan D'Argo

Joan D'Argo is an energy intuitive, teacher, and Soul Coach who has been seeing clients since 2006. Her Mind Body Spirit Medicine practice combines her advanced skills as an energy intuitive with Soul Coaching®, energy medicine, vibrational healing, and hands on healing. She is devoted to expansion, healing and growth ~ for herself, her community, her clients, and for the planet. She has been blessed with some amazing teachers: Michael DeAgro - her Shiatsu and Chinese medicine teacher; her amazing Qigong teachers - Daisy Lee, Deborah Davis, and Lee Holden.
She is a certified Soul Coach having personally studied with the incredible Denise Linn at the International Soul Coaching Institute. And most recently completed a life transforming two-year mentorship with Marie Manuchehri which included advanced training in intuition, energetic healing, and personal vibration. She is a also a Reiki master having been trained and certified in both the Usui and Seichim Sekhem Reiki traditions.
She helps individuals from all over the world step into their highest potential with joy, ease, and confidence. Sessions are available either over the phone or in person at her Traverse City or Cedar, Michigan offices.
She is grateful for those who have supported her along the way, especially Denis Pierce and Pat D'Argo. For sure her greatest teachers are her clients, students, and her increasing connection to Spirit, which she experiences in many ways and primarily through the Light. Born in Chicago, she loves living in northern Michigan where the air smells sweet, the water is fresh, and the stars are bright!
Call her at 231-620-1713 or send her a message to learn more.



(231) 620-1713

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