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Qigong to Increase Energy, and Reduce Stress

A series of 9 classes

Thursdays, 5:30-6:30

Starts Thurs., March 5 - May 7

$99, No class April 2

Register to reserve your spot

or call 231-995-1700.

Qigong to Increase Energy

and Reduce Stress


Qigong is a simple, easy to learn system

of self-care and self-healing that combines slow gentle movement with breath and intention. Often called moving meditation,

it excels at increasing energy and reducing stress, plus there's no wrong way to do it!


Learn easy ways to:

  • Recharge body, mind, and spirit.

  • Increase balance and flexibility.

  • Reduce anxiety.

  • Increase peace of mind.


Relax your body, calm your mind

and let your spirit soar!


All welcome.

No previous experience necessary.

I hope to see you there!


For more info call Joan at 231-620-1713 or email


To register click here.



Ongoing Qigong Class

Every Tuesday from noon to pm.

Purchase a punch card of 8 class for $99. Use at your convenience!


Class is held at

Foster Family Community Health Center, Classroom D

550 Munson Avenue

You can purchase your punch card online right here, or just show up and purchase it at class!


To purchase your punch card in advance click here.



Ongoing Qigong Class

Tuesdays, noon to 1pm

Foster Family Community Health Center, Classroom D

550 Munson Ave.

In this ongoing class, Joan shares many of her favorite Qigong exercises. Class is designed to help you create peace, resilience, flexibility and balance. Walk out of these classes feeling renewed, regenerated and in touch with your Light!


All welcome!

No previous experience necessary.


For more info call Joan at 231-620-1713 or



Create Your Soul Coaching Collage®
for 2020!

Saturday, Feb. 29

11am - 5pm, $125

This is not your typical vision board!

The creation of a Soul Coaching Collage® is an inner journey that allows your Soul to speak to you.

During this mini-vision quest I will guide you to invite your Soul to reveal to you a personalized vision for 2020. Your Soul's voice can be heard through the images, feelings, and insights that surface from creating this kind of collage!


At the end of this process you will receive a powerful interpretation of your Soul Coaching Collage®.This unique process was created by the internationally acclaimed Denise Linn. She developed and shared this process over a 40-year span and after attending her Soul Coaching® Training, I was certified by Denise to guide others in this process. I'm very excited to share it with you!


  • The most powerful intention you can hold for yourself to make 2020 your most fulfilling year yet!

  • What your guides/angels/spirit allies want you to know at this time.

  • What action steps your Soul wants you to take to realize your dreams.

  • What might be blocking you from making your vision a reality.

  • What dreams are ripe for unfoldment in 2020!

Layer after layer of deeply hidden messages about who you are - and who you are becoming - can be uncovered in the soulful process. It also can dramatically increase your ability to manifest your dreams!

"Since completing my soul coaching collage I’ve gone to the collage so many times and I am learning so much about myself! This process was beyond amazing

and it’s been pretty much mind-blowing! So much to absorb from it!"



Creating Healthy Boundaries - Living in Your Light

A workshop designed to help you claim

your own sacred space!


Are you an empath? Do you find that you easily take on the energy of others? Do you feel drained and often triggered by others? Whether you believe it or not, your sensitivity is truly a gift. In this workshop you'll understand on a deeper level what it means to stand and claim your own sacred space without being triggered or taking on the energy of others! 


(231) 620-1713

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