Sign the Declaration and call to action for all Spiritual Light Warriors

Van Jones, author and co-founder of the Dream Corps states: “It’s in the convergence of spiritual people becoming active and active people becoming spiritual that the hope of humanity now rests.”


In other words, it’s not either/or. Activism without a spiritual foundation results in change that doesn’t last. Likewise, spirituality that isn’t grounded in some form of activism (and there’s a wide definition of what that means), has the potential to be just self-serving activity.

Yet tending to our personal wounds and healing our shadows is a prerequisite to healing our collective wounds. As we heal ourselves we heal the world. As New Thought author Neville Goddard says, “The whole vast world is ourselves pushed out,” meaning that the world is a reflection of ourselves. An ancient spiritual principle sums this truth up in eight words: “As within so without, as above so below.” In other words, in order to create the changes we want to see externally, we need to create them internally first.

Spiritual light warriors take it one step further. We deeply understand the necessity of attending to our personal healing and being the change we want to see. And we engage in compassionate activism. In order to restore the Story of Our Awakened hearts, far-sighted vision combined with daring individuals ready to take a compassionate stand are needed.


But what does this potent medicine of spirituality combined with compassionate activism actually look like? Take a look at the 11 Action Steps on the right and see if they resonate with you. If so, sign the Declaration below.

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The Declaration and Call to Action for 21st Century Spiritual Warriors identifies eleven action steps. All of them require a willingness to get out of our comfort zones, move toward our fears, embrace our shadows, and step into the unknown, all things 21st Century Spiritual Light Warriors are willing to do. In totality, these eleven action steps create the narrative for the Story of Our Awakened Hearts.


1. We wake up and claim our infinite power as spiritual light beings living in the 21st century quantum world.

In this day and age, "I'm only human," doesn't work anymore. Yes we are human and by the very nature of being human we're divine. We understand and use this infinite power for our own good as well as for the greater good of all.


2. We see and feel our connection to all that is. We let go of the Story of Separation.

All beings are sacred. As we see, feel, and deepen our connection to all that is, we awaken to this truth: there is one collective heart beating together in unison with Earth. As we embody this truth, The Story of Our Awakened Hearts is revived.


3. We create a 21st Century Spiritual Warrior’s toolbox for ourselves and use it daily.

If there was ever a time calling out for us to hone our spiritual resilience and sharpen our spiritual tools, it's now! Keeping our lights bright requires self-care, an act of service in and of itself. By taking care of ourselves we keep our internal flames burning brightly. We don't burn out.


4. We boldly reach for the stars and dream a new dream.

Dreams are the seeds of transformation. It's our ability to dream and perhaps even more importantly, our ability to believe in and act on our dreams, that transforms our world. We cultivate, believe in, act on, and celebrate our personal dreams AND our dreams for a new world based on compassion, wisdom, justice, and joy.


5. We dare to speak our truth even if our voice shakes.

Speaking our truth is the highest expression of our personal power. We courageously speak our truth and speak up for ourselves, our communities, people in harm's way, friends, strangers, animals and/or Earth. We are willing to take a stand. As we do, the world begins to dramatically change.


6. We take action, no matter how small or big it is.

It's no accident that we're alive during this unprecedented time when the very nature of our ability to survive hangs in the balance. We know that every action we take, no matter how small or big, makes a difference.


7. We create alliances with others to exponentially magnify our individual power.

During this epic time, we are being invited to discover a new vision for ourselves and for the world. We know we can quicken the arrival of this vision when we combine our strength and creativity. Together there is nothing we are incapable of doing including igniting a worldwide spiritual wildfire capable of transforming the world.


8. We are curious and expect miracles.

21st century Spiritual Light Warriors know that miracles are not contingent on divine intervention. Rather it is who we are as magical divine light beings that we are capable of co-creating them, in alignment with Divine Source Energy. We believe that we live in the Age of Miracles and therefore expect them.


9. We honor all of our feelings and never forget to foster joy.

As we see and experience the deep losses perpetuated by the Story of Separation, we honor all of our feelings including grief, fear, anger, and rage, AND we refuse to let go of joy! We remember to be it, find it, and express it. By doing so, we remind ourselves of the kind of world we are co-creating.


10. We remember to celebrate, give thanks, and express gratitude.


We give gratitude and thanks for many reasons, and especially because we are alive and can offer our gifts–in our own unique ways–to help rebirth the Story of Our Awakened Hearts. We joyfully celebrate with dance, music, laughter, etc. every time anyone's heart is awakened or just because we feel like it.


11. As leaders, our primary tools are love and compassion.


Spiritual light warriors are born leaders, whether in our homes, communities, the countries we live in and/or the world. By our very presence we set a tone and choose to lead with compassion and love. Every action we take is grounded in compassion and love.